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What happens at Slimming World group meets?

I've done slimming world at home before. I'm thinking about going to a meeting this time around. My friend told me the group leader tells the whole group everyones weight loss or gain, is this true? :/ What happens at the group? I'd happily go along if I could just sit back and listen.

Sorry if this topic has been done before.
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Quite often the C will go through what people have lost and what they've gained. Your weight is confidential though and you can ask for your losses/gains not to mentioned if you want to.

My class starts at 5.30pm, everyone weighs in until around 6pm and then we have imagine therapy until 6.45pm ish. Image therapy is usually going through everyones progress, offering tips, saying what we're happy/unhappy with etc. Sometimes there is group work, but very rarely at mine, and there's also tasters once a month where everyone brings in dishes to try.

Hope this helps
i have never been at a taster ... i hope we have 1 soon!
yes this happens at my group, but dont worry if you have gained my C will just say oh a gain this week, was it expected and talk to you about it and try and help, but if you dont want her to mention anything then just say when getting weighed and she wont, we also have a hamper, where everybody brings in something syn free (fruit or veg preferred) it all goes in a basket and the slimmer of the week gets it all :) we just chat about different recipes or hints or tips etc consultant will up date us with anything new and she has little incentives and we play little games and have a raffle lol but its very laid back and friendly my consultant is lovely :) not sure about other groups xx
hi there.

Mine is exactly the same as Lindsaty88's class. It starts at 7pm, everyone is usually weighed by 7.30 and we go through losses and gains (but not what you have actually gained), and then we do a raffle, give out shiny's and SOTW awards etc. There's normally lots of chatter with tips and hints etc.

I probably stay 3 out of 4 weeks and find it really helpful

My C never mentions gains, she will mention losses but never mentions a gain. And she will not reveal your weight to the rest of the group. When she goes around the class and asks the question of the day, she will say "So and so has lost 2lb this week... what is your answer to todays question?" for someone who has a gain she will just ask the question, so although you kind of know they've had a gain, because she doesn't mention the loss, she doesn't make a point of mentioning it.
My consultant will read out the losses, but just say to those who have gained "oh, you went the other way a little bit there".

Then it rather depends on who the person is, and how they are feeling. She certainly won't do anything to make anyone feel worse! But some people are happy to say how much they gained and talk about it. Some aren't. I know that she will also miss someone out completely if they ask her to. Your consultant will be sympathetic - she wants to keep your custom, after all.
Yeah mine is the same as everyone elses, although she did go around everybody as a group and talk about their/loss or gain and say was it expected is everything ok (for a gain) for losses she say asks did you do anything different was it easy basically so we all share ideas and tips on what works! She's such a lovely motivational person it's great I'm actually looking forward to Tom night, and it's only my 3rd week but I was really scared of going and was so worried and nervous but it's fine I really enjoy it! Xx
Mine doesnt mention gains just says how much you have lost so far and asks how you have been doing in the last week ad what you are going to do to boost weight loss for the following week :)


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My consultant mentions gains and people still clap the gains. I think that's odd. I know we need encouragement but do I have to really sit and applaud someone who gains? Having said that I am yet to gain and I am dreading that ever happening. I'm very shy person especially in a group setting and every time she calls my name I have a spaz attack and go bright red. I won SOTW this week, I should have enjoyed it but I was so aware of 22 other people looking at me and clapping, one even did a whoop, I went bright red for a second time and mumbled a thank you and that just made me look even worse lol Fun and games. My consultant is very nice and calm though and no matter what your loss is she is there for you and willing us all on and tells us how many lbs we need until our next award and focuses more on our overall losses without telling the whole group our weight. :)


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Oops I came to this thread via a google search about group meetings and didnt realise it was old :479:
Ha... It was about six months before i gained... The first one throws you, but after that its fine. I gained 4 1/2 pounds this week. I blame the buffet that slimming world gave me at the weekend event i was taking part in. Not SW friendly...

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I clap people who have gained because they have stayed even though they might not have wanted to :) xx

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