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What happens at the end of the 100 days?

This may seem a daft question, but what exactly happens at the end of foundation?
Last week my counsellor told the group that our last weigh-in will be at the end of week 13 and not at the end of the 14 weeks at all! Is this right?
She was going to check out her information as we are the first group that she's taken all the way through ... but I sort of expected a 'day 100' weigh-in, which would be a couple of days after a 'week 14' one and a full 9 days after the date she suggested.
It may all sound rather academic, but those 9 days could make the difference between me moving onto management or staying with development.

Anyone any clues?

Thanks guys!
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I would have thought that you would take your 14th week as your end of foundation - it's not quite 100 days - 98 - just checked on the calculator lol 13 weeks would be 91!

You will also have your photo taken again in either of those weeks....

After you have completed the 'foundation' stage, some people will continue on with 'development' - you stay on this until you've reached where you want to be, and then go on to Management....

Looks like you won't be in development for long tho - try not to worry about it, just keep shaking and you'll be there before you know it :D

I have thought about this aswell. I have heard that you get photgraphed and final weigh of foundation on week 13. Why not 14? It could make a big difference?:confused:
Hi Think,

Hmm, my problem is I don't have your problem in that I will be in development for some time. However as I expressed at our meeting (not this Sunday but the previous week) I am of the opinion that you should be weighed at the end of week 14 and then your next meeting should be development or maintenance.

Perhaps people of like mind should get in touch with LL direct and tell them how we feel. Being so close to week 13, 14 or day 100, it may not do us much good. However, it could possibly help newer members.

Your looking great, by the way!:)



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I have not long got to the 100 days. In week 13 we had photos taken and made decisions about whether to go into development or maintenance. In week 14 we were weighed, measured and had the choice of having before and after photos or for the LLC to keep them if we were going into development.

I think maybe your LLC is a bit confused as she hasn't done a full 100 days yet. Don't forget if you have paid 2 weeks in the first week (as a deposit) then you have the choice of having week 14 for free or taking the money forward into development.
Hi everyone!

WobblyW, thank you so much for your lovely comments (read positive strokes) You're not looking bad yourself!

I agree, the end of week 13 weigh-in is a truly crap idea but it's probably affecting me more than most in the group.

Mel, we were fortunate that our counsellor didn't ask for the two-week fee so we don't get a 'free' week 14. Thank you for thinking of it though!

By the way, did you notice the truly weedy, appologising for breathing way in which I asked that original question?
Have just read the assertiveness article in Lighterlife mag. There is so much that I can gain from this program, other than meerly the weightloss! Off to do some action planning and goal setting now! I won't explain why, cos I don't have to! :p (read the article!)

:D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D



Loves VLCD's !
Indeed, it wasn't a daft question but a perfectly reasonable one :)

Now tell your counsellor in a nice assertive way that you want a week 14 weigh in ! Good Luck :D

Totally agree that LL gives you so much more than just the weight loss, it is a fab programme with the right counsellor. I like the fact that the mag has a nice mix of success stories and "head stuff" too.

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