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what happens if my gp wont sign the forms?

Hi Millux, you need to explain to your GP that you're not asking him/her to agree with the diet, he/she is just signing to say that the info on the form is correct. Be positive I'm sure all will be fine x
Hi Milux, my gp had to sign the forms as my bmi is over 40 and I was also very worried he would refuse. He was reluctant but once I explained to him that he just had to confirm the information on the form and that he wouldn't be held liable in the unlikely event something goes wrong he was fine with it. So don't worry, you'll be fine. Agnes x


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I think generally they will sign unless there is a medical reason why you should not do the diet (as opposed to not agreeing with the diet), and if this is the case you would have to consider higher up the plan for health reasons.

Good luck for starting, it is a fab diet.


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If they refuse to sign the forms then you have to do a higher plan, I think 1200, so that it's not considered a VLCD. Some doctors can be a real pain about it and just disagree with the diet, others are just pleased that you're trying to do something about it. I know one lady that was seeing my Consultant had to get a doctors signature and they refused to sign it so my Consultant gave him a call and asked if it was ok to send him through some leaflets. So she sent him some stuff which told him all about CD and what it involved. He called her back and apologised, saying he would sign the form and that he didn't realise how well planned out it was, he thought it was a quick crash diet, get the weight off and that's it. So I'd suggest taking some time to talk through the plan with your doctor, explain what it involves, explain the steps, and explain to him why you think that it's the best thing for you. I don't know what medication you're on, so I don't know if a VLCD is likely to cause problems with that but if not, I'm sure that if you talk it through, make him aware of how it all works and show him that you really want to stick at it, lose the weight and keep it off, he'll agree to it.

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