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What happens if you do eat something you shouldn't?

Not going to do it, but just wondered, how easy is it come out of ketosis? no of calories, or just something new in your system?
If you eat carbs, then you will be kicked out of ketosis as your glycogen stores will be reloaded. It's nothing to do with the calories, hun. Some people (most really) find it incredibly difficult to get back to SSing after falling off the wagon, so I honestly think it's best to stick to the plan 100%.

Hope you're feeling better now!
Thanks Isobel. :)

I just sat and watched my hubby eat my favourite chinese takeaway, there was almost a pool of saliva underneath me when he finished!

That was a question he had! So many thanks.
Well done for getting through that Angela. Is your husband generally supportive of you being on this diet? I ask this because has he considered perhaps NOT torturing you until you get at least a couple of weeks under your belt? God knows this diet isn't easy - the least those around us can do is to is not to make it even harder!

I'm not having a go at your hubby - maybe he just doesn't realise how hard it is to be at the early stages of an abstinance diet whilst someone eats your favourite meal in front of you ... maybe you need to spell it out :)

There are ways around situations like this: hubby could cut you a break and not eat stuff like that for a few weeks OR he could sit in another room whilst he does OR you could sit in another room whilst he does.

I sit in a different room whilst my lot tuck into their grub: I come on here with some water and let them get on with it :D
Hi Ajax i feel so sorry for you i know how hard it can be my hubby can eat anything without even as much as putting on a pound! What i would say is if ever you are in situation like that again (or anyone for that matter) and feel as if your going to eat something, go for a little bit chicken or a boiled egg,(the boiled egg will fill you up more) that way your still kepping to low-carb and therefore still in ketosis and there is only about 100 calories in a boiled egg and chicken hasnt got a lot of caloreis either. it is better to stick to these foods (only as a last resort if you think a binge is coming on) than go for carb laden foods that will kick you out of ketosis.

HIya, Thanks for the replies.
Tracie - I dont feel the need to have something yet. I crave it, but dont need it. I will not give in!! (I hope lol)

Debbie - Hubby is very very supportive of me. He would give up everything for me if i asked, but I feel this diet is for me. I have to give up becase I let myself get this big, and therefore feel he and my daughter shouldnt suffer too!

I feel, if I can get past these first few weeks, I can conquor anything. I dont think I could go out to a restaurant and watch everyone eat, but I do like to sit at the table with my family and chat about the day, If it gets too hard, I come on line and they eat, we are still in the same room.

I asked my permission bless him to get a takeaway in, as shopping didnt arrive until late. He was prepared to go and get it and eat it in the car!

Only thing DH has to learn is that, I dont want rewarding with food. That is quite a bad habit of his, but today he said to me, when you have lost xx amount of weight, ie each stone, why dont you go for a massage etc. Lovely touch, but don't fancy a massage until im at least 6 stone lighter!

At least he is on the right track.
He is lovely and slim and fit and can eat a horse and not gain 0.0001 of a pound!!

Ill post some pics over the weekend!

Thanks for your concern, but the only person I have to be wary of is myself!! And with you all here, I am doing ok!!

Off to watch BB in bed!
Nite Nite all
Hi Angela
Well done for your will of steel: I can tell you really have what it takes to make this diet work. You have ABSOLUTELY the right attitude. Little rewards are a fab idea - but like you, I wouldn't want anyone massaging my body yet ... on me they would be creating ripples like a waterbed: I'll wait until I'm MUCH closer to goal!!

Mind you, I've had a face and neck massage and that was LOVELY! Maybe something for you to consider :)

Another sugggestion is for you to treat yourself to a new pair of sexy undies each time you go down a size .... that way, you and hubby both get rewarded: him for supporting your efforts and you for doing the hard work! ;)

Other suggestions:
*Fancy bath / shower product
*Salon type hair product (swanky shampoo etc)
*A manicure / pedicure
*A hair-do / new colour ... this one's brilliant for the bigger milestones as it really boosts your confidence and starts to establish the 'new you'.

Keep up the brilliant work Angela :D
Isn't it funny how there are no posts saying my husban was eating my favorite salad in front of me lol!

stick with it honey, remember the less we eat the more we lose!!!! ;) x
nicci79 said:
Isn't it funny how there are no posts saying my husban was eating my favorite salad in front of me lol!

stick with it honey, remember the less we eat the more we lose!!!! ;) x

lmao.... my boyfriend had gourmet cheese burger and chips, onion rings, mushrooms for a meal last night and I had chicken skewers with Salad. He them brought coke and maltesers for the cinema and I had gum and coke lol.
He's on a diet too btw....... xx
I cook everything in this household and i'm a "do it from scratch" sort of person....it's annoying lol
Haha this thread is 6 years old! I do crave salad & green veg because the tetras are so bland I want something fresh. But the smell of chips is a total killer.
I wonder how all those Cambridge dieters from 6 years ago are doing now?? Would be interesting to know :D

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