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What happens if you miss a days worth of tablets?

I'm asking because i think i'm going to have a problem a week on Saturday. I'm going to be in a situation where i'm not going to be in control of the food or where i will be home to run to the toilet if needed. So, what will happen if i dont take my tablets for the day? I obviously dont want to have the side effects if there is too much fat in something. Even if i can choose a low fat option, if there is one, i still wont know what the fat content is with regards to the 5g/100g rule.

Will be ok to not take them for that day and then carry on on Sunday with no side effects?
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If I were you I'd stop a couple of days before the day in question because although in theory the tablets should be out of your system, in practice some of us have had side effects even when we have stopped the tablets 48 hours previously. It will be fine to start them again the next day.



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for me i tend to see the side effect between 24 and 36 hours after ive eaten something bad, so if i was in your situation i'd probably just take them anyway and try to be sensible as regards portion sizes and stuff. i look on any side effects as damage control anyway, so even if you do eat too much fat, at least some is being eliminated! wear a pad and be sensible lol!

I look on any side effects as damage control anyway, so even if you do eat too much fat, at least some is being eliminated! wear a pad and be sensible lol!
I'm really sorry to sound critical, but I wouldn't advise anybody to think about Xenical in this way.
I'd much rather stop taking my tablets for a day or so, than worry about having an accident, or needing to wear a pad!
Yes - Xenical might limit some of the damage of eating a high-fat meal, but the side-effects can be soooo unpleasant, it really isn't worth it as far as I'm concerned.

And as far as the timing of side-effects is concerned - I've had side effects just a couple of hours after eating a high fat meal, but I've also had them the following day as well - I think everybody is different.

I'd take KB's advice if I were you - stop the tablets at least 24 hours before, choose sensibly if you can, and enjoy yourself without worrying about side-effects.

I'm lucky enough to be able to just skip one tablet if I want to eat a higher-fat meal....but I wouldn't recommend that because I know that a lot of people don't get away with it like I do!


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hey alex, i didnt mean i eat whatever crap i want but say to hell with it cos im on xenical, i meant i take them as an incentive to be more vigilant and carefull in my choices. there's only been one occasion in which ive ended up in trouble when ive been out, or eaten at friends, and i put that down to the fact that the xenical makes me look more carefully at what im eating. also i thought the pad comment was v obviously a jovial comment... guess my comic timing is waaay off!
Sorry Claire, I don't want you thinking I've got no sense of humour!
I've just seen you mention a couple of times about 'damage limitation', which can be a bit of a risky way to think about Xenical...and maybe a little confusing for some people who are new to the tablets.

If I was having a night out, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to choose healthily from the menu, I'd definitely avoid taking the tablet (and maybe the one before) to avoid any chance of a side-effect.

I know that if I did take the Xenical, a third of the fat would be eliminated (thus limiting the damage) but I really wouldn't want the indignity of an 'accident' the following day...or even a night of stomach cramps and the runs (which I had once before)...

I didn't think that you were just eating any old crap...far from it...and I'm sorry if I had a sense of humour bypass there for a moment :eek:!!


cos i need this xxx
lol its ok alex, sometimes the way i phrase things can make me sound a bit blase i think, i think of xenical as damage limitation with my healthy meals also - cos it is, thats how it works, by limiting the fat taken in , but i wouldnt recommend using it when u know itll end badly, hell no! i seem to be unlucky in that if im bad, even if ive skipped a tablet , i still regret it cos the xenical must be still in my system, i think to be totally totally safe id have to miss about 4 days worth lol!
that said, ive only had one major mistake lol!


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