What happens when you cheat?

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  1. Nina41

    Nina41 Full Member

    I met a friend on dukan yesterday (th one who inspired me) at a BBQ and she insisted I could be naughty sometimes. I refuse to have the salmon because there was a drop of oil and she insisted it was fine every now and then. She says she cheats sometimes but is still loosing.

    When you cheat you loose all your hard work, right?

    In the end I did have some salmon. I was starving and by that time drawning in diet coke... The cook guarantee it was just a drop... I Hope I didn't ruin everything!
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  3. Dgirl

    Dgirl Full Member

    Obviously it's best not to cheat BUT if you do have a cheat make sure that it stops at that particular cheat and you get back on track straight away. My problem is that one cheat leads to two, then three and next thing I know I'm back to where I started!!:(
  4. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    Cheating is like pressing the footbrake in the car - do it once and it slows you down a bit, and might even help you through a tricky moment (like a social event). Do it too often and it will slow you down a lot - or stall the car completely.

    And everytime the car stalls, it's a bit harder to get it started again - and then, before you know it, it's off the road, at you are back where you started.

    Moral: don't cheat, and if you do cheat, don't make a habit of it.
  5. elida

    elida Full Member

    I had low fat cheese instead of fat free a couple of times, it had minimum affect on the scale, but when I had onken ff vanilla (thought it was OK, mistake!) it made me increase the first 2 days and it took almost a week to start losing again..
    Once in a while, using a bit more fat than you are supposed to does not do the same damage as having carbs..
    Maybe what your friend meant is having a piece of salmon, even if it is cooked with oil is better than starving yourself :)
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I echo the words above. In addition, I usually find that the first "cheat" is the easiest to avoid and, after one, the others follow quite naturally!
  7. Nina41

    Nina41 Full Member

    So I had that tiny bit of salmon on sunday and today the scales went up 2lbs!!? How can it be possible???
  8. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    Do you always weigh at exactly the same time of day?

    Just to reassure you - I had a gala on Sunday (martini, sunday lunch at Simpsons in the Strand, wine) - and the scales are 3lbs higher today. I know that they will be back to normal by Friday.
  9. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Many factors affect our weight - water, cycle, salt etc etc so, while it's unlikely that the salmon caused your increase, something did, and if you stick to the plan it'll drop off again!
  10. malevolentnuzzler87

    malevolentnuzzler87 Full Member

    That much oil shouldnt affect you much really, dukans viniagarette (which is in the book and absolutely yummy!) has a teaspoon of oil so a drop shouldnt make much difference.
  11. wkdstepmum

    wkdstepmum Silver Member

    If I cheat at all *and I really don't unless it's something completely unavoidable like the time the tyre burst and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere starving * it puts my weight loss back by a full week...
    I don't know about you but that's not worth it to me at all, especially when you have deadlines you want to look and feel fabulous for! *Halloween* *Christmas* :) x
  12. Nina41

    Nina41 Full Member

    I cannot begin to express how angry I am. I did not cheat (apart from grilled salmon with a drop of oil) and this morning the scales showed 62.9kg.
    I felt like crying and still do. This is what happens to me in every diet. I don't cheat and don't loose.

    I know it's early and I should see what happens at my official weight in (Saturday) but that really got me upset. I won't give up but feel horrible right now.
  13. elida

    elida Full Member

    Maybe you had more salt than normal yesterday or TOM might be affecting your loss... You need to relax a bit and see what will happen..
    If you can resist, don't weigh yourself until Saturday.. I get upset for a few minutes when I see an increase but I don't focus on it, you sound like you are better off weighing yourself every week..
  14. wkdstepmum

    wkdstepmum Silver Member

    There's no point in getting upset at all in fact it's totally counterproductive because with this diet it'll be off again, and sometimes more, in a few days. If you didn't 'cheat' more than a bit of salmon in oil I would question whether you've eaten something else that you shouldn't be eating or perhaps you are retaining water or not eating enough protein. Either way don't worry, give it a few days and it'll be gone again!
  15. October

    October Member

    Slightly off topic but - Atropos this is exactly where I was planning to go once I made it to the 'gala meals' phase! OH was asking just last week where we could go for supper once I 'was through this part of the diet and into the treats section' and suggested Simpsons!

    Can't wait.......might be a while yet though.......
  16. -Pudding-

    -Pudding- Full Member

    Alessandra; if I were you I would stop weighing yourself every day. From day to day everyone's weight yo-yos. It's not fat going on, it's fluid retention and that can be anything from dehydration to excess salt to TOTM....or it could be that you've drunk a lot that day or you haven't pooed. If you let your emotions be ruled by day to day weight fluctuations then you're in a hide into nowhere
  17. Nina41

    Nina41 Full Member

    Thank you all very much for reading/answering my posts. I guess I am just really really traumatised after all the diets I followed to the letter for nothing. I am really scared It will happen again. Ill come back tomorrow to tell you what my weight is.

    Been wondering again if I don't have an under active thyroid. The doctors checked my hormones 3x in the past 5 years. They say the hormones are fine. Can they have gone wrong about it?
  18. wkdstepmum

    wkdstepmum Silver Member

    Yes, that happens all the time. My sister had to get her thyroid checked abroad as they have a better understanding of thyroid conditions and they are frequently misdiagnosed in this country. She was finally diagnosed after suffering for years.
    You would have other symptoms though Alessandra, not just weight gain. Also, I hesitate to say this but maybe just try and relax a little and let the weight loss happen. Every post I've read you're freaking out but weight loss isn't instant, you have to have a little patience. Just because other diets haven't worked in the past *which is true of all of us here by the way* doesn't mean that this one won't be a success!!! x
  19. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Your weight is already low, Alexandra. How tall are you? Have you posted your menus?
  20. Nina41

    Nina41 Full Member

    I am 1.63 (around 5.3").

    Where do I post my menus?

    I do freak out, I can't relax and yes, I am obsessed! I have been working hard towards 58kg for a long time! I havent had a glass of wine, cheese, desert, for months! My "friends" laugh at me. They say "she is always on a diet and always weighting the same". Because I am such a perfectionist, i never bend the rules which gives them even more reasons to joke about my weight.
    This is very important to me and it's is very very hard to diet and not see results. My weight today is 62.5kg just 1 kg since I started, 20 days ago.

    The good thing about this is that I found this site. At least I am talking to people who understand me. Thank you!
  21. robinhood

    robinhood Gold Member

    Did you check your ideal weight on Dr D's site? If you once weighed 58 kilos and have since had children and are 10 years older for ex, it's unrealistic for your body to be able to maintain the 58 kilos.

    You are at a good BMI weight now, so please don't expect the weight to fall off - once my BMI was normal, the weight loss did slow.

    Stop weighing every day! Twice a week is plenty (both after a PP day as you'll be adding in water if not) but only keep one as an official weight (ie don't panic if mid-week weigh-in isn't what you were expecting).

    On the bright side, you have 4 kilos left to lose, you've lost one, so you have already lost 20% of the weight you are looking to lose.:D
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