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What happens when you dont lose weight?

You guys have been such an inspiration that I joined lighter life on 19th April. I have about 5 stone to lose and am on day 2 of 2nd week.
At my first stop in I had lost 4lbs and have not lost anything since. I have not cheated at all am drinking 5-6l water and could cry because do not feel great and the weight does not seem to be dropping off me. The weigh in was really embarassing cos everyone else had lost 8-12lbs and the girl called another helper over to see as she was so surprised. The reason I am doing LL is because I have had such low losses with other diets, I am now paranoid there must be something wrong with me.
Please help!!
By the way, just joined Minimins, really need your help!!!
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Andismale, I am on day 2 of week two as well. Did your LLC have anything to say at your Weigh In? You aren't taking pills with coatings or anything are you because the coatings can stop ketosis and affect your loss.

Don't give up, everyone on here will help you.

No, no pills other than ibuprofen for headaches, I am in Ketosis, the councillors just said it should even out next week, but i am really worried, this diet is very painful without the benefits of the weightloss.
:vibes: :vibes: andismale that wont happen, you have lost 4lb in 1st week, and be patient and stop going on the scales everyday as i bet you are, (i did too) it is only day two of week 2 give your body time to addapt i think if you stick to 4 packs and 4lts you will be pleasantly surprised.this time for you is the hardest you will feel light headed, get headaches and have lost energy but give it the end of week 2 and you will start to feel better with added enegy... promise... keep in there

P.S. Im currently on week 6 and have lost over 2 stone!! it does work..
Thank you Claire and Angel
Yes you are right currently weighing twice a day. I know I have to stop, but would be great to know if anyone else had this experience in Week 1 and what happened next.
Big hug! It is SOO hard when you dont loose "weight" but panic not! I have learned quite a lot since my WI on weds!!! (see my pathetic last 3 weeks lossed at bottom of sig!!). As said above give yourself time to loose...if you weigh yourself best time is every morning after 1st pee so be consistent! Secondly while you may not have lost ibs you probably will have lost inches; I lost 10 1/2 inches (almost same as someone who lost 2 stone!) but not as much weight - so measure yourself & keep a record as you go! What is important is fat loss, not necessarily weight loss IYKWIM? ALso I dscovered that I am retaining water (was on for 3 weeks) plus have gained 2 ibs of muscle in the last two weeks. Also rang LL head office and spoke to lovely woman who confirmed that I should NOT have been taking extra multi vitamin plus psysillium husks, which I thought were ok but were not! If you're worried ring to check your medication - ie is ibrupofen sugar coated one? BUT you are doing well...the weight evens out eventually & will vary hugely week to week depending on so many factors! Well one on progress so far & beware the "chatterbox" telling you to give up cos this diet is crap! It isnt but you do need to give it time!! Big hugs!
one of the girls in my class has lost 1stone so thats less than the rest of us by half but she is keeping on going, and you can see a difference
Hi Andismale, don't get disheartened remember your body has gone into shock mode and it needs time to balance itself out . I am on week 9 and it took me a wee while to get a pattern going. I found if you spread the packs out evenly through out the day and drink your water your body will soon adjust its self and you'll soon start losing....I have lost 3st and 5lbs and an amazing 18inches !! and i was the one who was never any good at diets....! hang in there you will do really well and if you need support make sure you use your group i have found that i really couldn't have got this far if it wasn't for them. Good luck and keep us posted so we know how your doing LOL xx Pam
Which group do you go to ? I am in Ash !!!

I will post a longer reply a bit later (am manically busy !) but had very slow losses too - do not despair ! I caught up and am now one of the bigger 'losers !' in my group ! Keep the faith, honest if you are doing it all properly it will catch up eventually, I promise ! ((((( Hugs))))) Victoria.x.:)
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I only lost 6 lbs in my first week. Like you, I had lost all this by the first pop-in so when I hadn't lost any more 4 days later at the first weigh in, I was VERY upset (I cried - pathetic I know!). Everyone else in my class had lost between 9lbs and a stone. I nearly gave up. I'm so glad I didn't. The following week, when everyone else's losses went down to about 3-4lbs, I lost 6.5. It really evened out from then on and now in week 6 I am just under stone lighter.
THere have been (and will be) many times when the det frustrates me because I am the only person in my class who has still not (and WILL NOT) cheated and yeat the rest of my class have been losing the same as me or a little more. It does all balance out though, because this week I lost 5.5lbs and caught up. I think I've learnt that our bodies are not logical and that you can't set a target each week. Just set it over the month -a stone a month. So far I am on target.
Hope this helps - I reckon in 5 days time you'll have a big loss. I still weigh myself twice a day, but wish I could stop as it only depresses me.!!


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Glad that you are determined to stick to it!

I'd just like to add that if you are drinking 5-6 litres a day your body is probably getting used to rehydrating itself and would naturally weigh more anyway - once your body realises that this is a regular supply level of water it will start to let it go more. Hope that helps a little bit - and if you are a compulsive weigher (like I am and I've just lost 5 stone) then try to use it to understand how the water and foodpacks adjust your body weight at the end of the day - weigh yourself in the morning before a drop of anything has passed your lips and then weigh yourself before bed after you have had your 5-6 litres and all your food packs - you'll start to understand your body's patterns.

Of course in an ideal world you should step away from the scales apart from at WI, but I understand that in the first month you need every ounce of inspiration and piece of information you can get about what's happening to your body.
You also haven't said how much you have to lose. The truth is if you don't have as much as the others in your class, you won't lose it as quickly because the losses are relative.

One woman in my group lost 3lbs in the first and each week thereafter until last week she lost 6 lbs. BUT she is theesmallest in our group too.
How you doing? One thing I forgot to say was that the LL H/O woman said that if you have fat loss but not weight loss for a while it can suddenly catch up with you with a yummy loss so again - it balances out! At the end of the day it will come off - it cannot not come of because of the cals you have - or dont - just hang in there!
Thank you all for your support, I am feeling much more positive now, we had friends round for barbie on sat and just drank water all the time they scoffed. Also my scales (I know shouldn't go on them) say I have lost 10lbs so far, my clothes all feel much looser already. I think I have suddenly reached the part where I feel good and have energy.
By the way I need to lose 4-6 stone dependent on how I feel when I get there.

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