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what happens when you reach your goal??

S: 14st12lb C: 14st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.92%)
Hi all. Currently looking in to exante and have a few queries. What happens when you reach your goal? How do you make sure you know what to eat?
Also it seems theres a break when on the total plan every 4 weeks or so. What does that consist of?
It looks like I can follow the total or working plan and wondered is there any harm in mixing it up a little like do total one week and then working another or is that wrong?
I think my main concern is what happens when you reach goal as have a fear of putting it all back on. When reading the threads it seems a lot of people have put the weight they lost back on from other vlcd and then start another. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
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if you go on the exante diet web site most of the info you need is there.

For me hopefully when I get to goal I'm going to follow an Atkins style maintenance plan. If like me you have always had issues with weight... losing it gaining it and so on, I think I will always have to be mindful of what i put in my mouth.

Good luck x
S: 14st12lb C: 14st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.92%)
thanks. I did go on to their website but there was very little info on what happens when you reach goal but I could have been on the wrong part of the website. Thanks for your post. I need to decide whether its the right decision for me.
When reading the threads it seems a lot of people have put the weight they lost back on from other vlcd and then start another. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
If you look at SW/WW/CC there are people on non VLCDs who have put all their weight on again too, as i said thats not exclusive to VLCDs, its down to choices made when a person gets to goal.

Theres no harm at all in doing one week of TS and one of WS... in fact some people do a WS day during their TS week - if you follow lol
Yeah i have to agree.....people on ANY diet can put there weight back on if they go back to old eating habits. You can lose weight quickly on exante and maintain that weightloss if you choose a healthier diet once your at goal. I for one, have a lot to lose and i know that if i go back to eating crap once ive lost it i'll put it all back on....but at the same time ive lost upto 3 stone on othr diets (slimming world etc) and still put it back on. Suppose youve got to think of the long term x
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For me, the quick results on low calorie or low carb diets encourage me to stick to the diet. When I reach my goal I know I'm going to have to work hard... but like everyone has said, you have to work hard whichever diet you've chosen. I lost weight last year on SW and put it back on again! Determined not to do that this time!!


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...........yep I agree with all of the above and I like everyone else have successfully lost weigh in a variety of different ways and put it all back on again. This time I have a plan........when I get to goal I am going to give myself a 7lb leeway & when I hit that seven pounds I am going to do Exante for a week or two until it's gone. In this way I hope to take control back. By the way I also intend to eat a healthier diet too........just in case you were wondering!!!!xx
Bernice, thats a good plan! I like the convenience of the shakes so even when i reach goal i plan to still use the shakes as part of my "forever" diet i guess. At least then i know im getting the right vitimins etc. I kind of thought cereal/cereal bar etc for breakfast, having a shake for lunch and a healthy dinner and allowing the occasional treats. whereas before crisps/chocolate/takeaways were always a "normal" part of my diet....i suppose they will then become treats. Its not going to be easy.....but im sure we can all do it. Im not a huge pasta/bread/chips lover so i know i can cut keep my carbs to a minimum whilst maintaining....its just all the junk foods i struggle with lol x


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I think the first time someone looses a lot of weight they go woooooo and think thats it over and they go eat like crazy and of course it happens and they are back at square on.

Then they learn their lesson (me included) and come back and learn by their mistakes. This takes a number of times for some people. I think if you have had a weight problem at some stage it takes a long time to get out of the mind set about eating too much. It means that all the people here have to work doubly hard at maintaining their goal weight as a thin person would. Doesnt mean it cant be done but it has to be a real every day conscious decision. I know I am going to find this difficult, I know that losing weight is a daily chore, every day I have to decided not to eat, it doesnt come naturally.

I did read somewhere, and I cant say what forum that there is a 'set point' that our bodies need to reach before they wake up and say 'hey this is the weight I am supposed to be' it can take months for this to happen and until it does you need to very firm at your maintaining. YOur body's set point just now is the weight you were before you started the weight loss. I dont know how much truth there is in this theory nor do I know the details but it would be worth researching. So losing weight is not just about the weight loss but its about the time needed to train your body physically and mentally that this 'new' weight is where you wish to be at.


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Im hoping that because I have now been dieting for so long that Ive learnt some portion control. Ive certainly cut back drastically on the alcohol intake which was the cause of a huge part of my size so that alone should help.

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