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  1. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    After another moment of tears, I took Hubbie for a pint (I had water) and caught up with friends who have not seen in a while and asking why I look so down.

    Explained on a diet and feeling it today (again) just had an hour of lecture on slowing my metabolism etc and fad diets.

    What happens when you start to eat again? Will I be bigger than before, its day 5 and already questioning what am I doing :-( Great support from this site and I love it but living on so few calories etc wont my metaloblism slow right down and struggle the minute I eat again.

    I know it will get better, but it does feel a long way away.
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  3. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member

    hi hun,

    from what i have read in books and looked at in the form of other peoples experiences on here it would appear to be the case that its not just about losing the weight its also about coming to terms with what makes you eat/overeat/eat the wrong stuff etc in the first place.

    I am very quickly realising that for me its an emotional eating problem, usually stress related too. And sometimes, boredom and reaching for food unecessarily has become a habit (which can be broken :))

    Why not take it one day at a time instead of trying too look to far ahead?

    the gradual re-introduction of conventional food is supposed to help us climb up the CD steps until a full maintained diet is back in place.

    You can do it hun, your positivity will come back:)

    debs x
  4. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    Debs, did you struggle in the first week?

    I feel emotional, i was an emotional binge eater in the past and loved going out for dinner and drinks with friends, watching a good movie with some pop corn etc. Now all week I feel pants, nothing feels the same anymore - if that makes sense. I guess this was the cold turkey my CDC mentioned (literally cold) hahahaha.

    I keep crying all the time, I miss going out and having a giggle (just went to the pub for an hour and had to leave, the noise, all negative talk about how I am going to make myself ill etc. Back on the sofa in my duvet feeling sorry for myself really and questioning what I am doing, if that makes sense.

    Day 6 tomorrow.
  5. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

    Fear not dear apia08! Once you've hit BMI 25 + 1st you will go up a stage to 810 (I think that's what it is now) until you reach your target weight where you will start working up the stages until you are back to 'normal' eating. 'Normal' at this point will not be how you used to eat, or like you fear, you will go back to what you were before (maybe bigger!). Because you have reintroduced the food slowly your body will adjust slowly so won't start holding onto every ounce of fat possible like it would if you go straight from SS to eating 2000cls a day.
    I've just been away on holiday for 2 weeks and to be honest I totally pigged out (ssshhhh don't tell my CDC!). When I got back I found I had only gained 5lbs (phew!). The reason for this is because in the 3 weeks before I went away I built up my food intake gradually so it wouldn't be a total shock to the system when I ate on holiday.
    Providing you follow the plans (they are in your book your CDC should have given you) and you are careful in future what and how much you eat this is no different to any other diet when it comes to keeping the weight off.
    So fear not you can be slim and stay that way at the end of this provided you follow the CD plans!:D
  6. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Sending you big HUGS hun, the first week is tough and will be an emotional rollercoaster. Try to turn things on their head and rather than feeling like you are being deprived from food and enjoying yourself, see it as a positive choice you have made in order to achieve your ultimae goal of being slimmer. 99% of this diet is in your head and fighting those demons. As others have said, the gradual reintroduction of food and re-education of eating habits should point you in the right direction for maintaining.

  7. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member


    i am on exactly the same day as you, i felt very tearful for the first few days, struggled a bit with a generally angry mood this morning. I feel cold most of the time but i know it will get better.

    As for your friends... they are entitled to their opinion but, if they care about you they will support you in your decision. Is hubby being supportive?

    Its seems to be the case that some people experience dramatic mood swings, cold turkey huh? lovely.. but it will all be worth it in the end.

    Talk to your cdc on monday about how you are feeling.

    Remember.. food hasnt gone from your life forever its just having a few tweaks here and there to help you look after yourself at the end of your cd journey.

    debs x
  8. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Right first of all, this thing your friends were talking about happening to your metabolism, yes it will slow down marginally. BUT it will slow down to what is appropriate to your new weight, you need less calories to maintain 10 stone than you do 13.5 stone. That doesnt matter whether you lose the weight through CD or with WW etc.

    Also everyone's metabolism is slowing down as they get older anyway so you wont have the same metabolism you have at 20 when your hitting your 40's (speaking about me dont know what age you are) There is a reason they call it the middle age spread!

    I just wanted to say to you as well that just short of 8 weeks ago I started this diet at the same start weight as you, I am currently a smidge off 11 stone. I feel great, starting to think I look great, getting alot of compliments and to top it all off I had a very stressful week and only when the stress had passed did I think, gosh if that happened me 2 months ago I would dived into every kind of food imaginable. That just made me feel that I may have broken the emotional eating cycle, and when I start eating regularly again, I intend to keep the discipline :)

    You can do this girl!

    This first week to 10 days is the worst, but it will get better and dont let people put you off doing this. Remember its a short term sacrifice to gain a long term goal :)
  9. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member

    quote:This first week to 10 days is the worst, but it will get better and dont let people put you off doing this. Remember its a short term sacrifice to gain a long term goal :)

    Exactly, well said x

    debs x
  10. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Hi, It is really hard in the first week...I cried buckets lol. I also didn't tell my friends or I would have got those lectures too. However, you are doing this for you and not anyone else...I decided to be tough and ignore everyone but me! I've been maintaining for 8 months and it is possible but you can't return to all your old bad eating habits.
  11. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!


    One thing that stood out to me in your thread was the fact that you are feeling very low and depressed about eating.

    I just wondered what was more important to you, being slim or eating food that is making you feel equally sad?

    You are not looking at the big picture - you are just focussing on this moment when you fancy sweets, popcorn etc - when you need to understand the WHOLE of the journey and what you will achieve. Expect that you're going to feel down, don't beat yourself up because you feel depressed, expect it! You arent eating and for a lot of us its such an emotional change and we feel so lost. I actually stood in my hallway last week not knowing what to do with myself as I was so bored and couldnt make myself dinner to comfort myself it was such an empty feeling.

    You need to re-programme your mind and stop expecting that its going to be easy, because its bloody hard, but we do this as we are so equally depressed being fat and overweight that we disconnect ourselves with food and concentrate on what we want to be.

    If you are still wanting food and feeling sad that you cant eat it then you need to think about why you are doing this diet. Its a complete emotional rollercoaster and I am so sorry if you think I am being harsh, but I just want you, and all fellow miniminers to suceed and see the diet for th wonderful thing it is!

    I think from time to time our mind goes a bit off track and we need a hand to make us think about just why we are doing this - as its got to be a change for life and our minds have to just change!

    I hope you start to feel better on the diet, and to be honest I wouldnt listen to your friends. The only people you should talk to about this diet is people that fully understand it as they will just make you feel like you do at the moment, and make you question the diet when you shouldnt feel like that. People dont like things that they dont understand and will try and sabbotage it.

    Have a happy day - go and buy yourself something to celebrate the fact you have come this far!!

  12. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

  13. lillypop

    lillypop now got pictures in album

    I promise you it does get better. I was so so worried about putting all the weight back on again when I start eating that it took me ages to even start the diet. I'm so glad I did, this time round I can really see an ending my my misery. The CD has so many different plans that you will find one that is right for you. I've find the best thing for me is to not worry about it for now, just carry on with the ss and realising how much I used to eat and I will think about it when the time comes
  14. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    Everyone thank you, people can be so blinded sometimes. Before I know it I'll be thin and people will be telling me they liked the old me,
    Hedgehog its must feel wonderful to see 11.2 again, I know i will be thrilled. If I lose 2.5 stone in 7 weeks I would be by far the vainest and happiest person alive! I think I would be one of those chicks that keep looking at myself in shop windows and sport a pair of hot pants and keep washing my car - hahahahaha.

    Well perhaps not, but my gum I am laughing...
  15. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

    I didn't tell anyone apart from my dh and my mam when I started this diet. I didn't want negative comments from anyone, it's hard enough to do the diet without all that negativity. I promise you it does get easier I cried a few times in the first few weeks and thought "I don't think I can do this anymore" but I stuck with it and so pleased I did I'm 4 stone lighter now. The going is tough sometimes but the rewards are worth it.

    Stick with it hun and prove your friends wrong you'll have the last laugh when you're maintaining and you're in them hot pants.

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