What has happened to me?

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    For those that don't know me i started this diet in June and have SS'd or 810'd 100% no cheating pretty much right the way up to xmas i was very strict with myself.

    Well xmas came and went and ever since i have really struggled to get my motivation back. I put on 6lbs over xmas which took me 3 weeks to lose but this week i just can't stop picking at things. I go all day ss then at night i'm eating anything and everything i know i'm nearly at a point where i need to move up the plans and some of you may say just move up now and i probably will.

    But i think its deeper where has my motivation gone? did anyone else feel like this? is it because i am now at a weight where i feel ok? is it because the compliments have stopped now that people are used to me skinnier or never knew me as fat??

    In need of some encouragement :(
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  3. nimi

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    im the same i started back after xmas and cant help picking im loosing a average of 4ibs a week but still pick at chococlate at least once a day its geting bad im sure if i didnt my weight loss would be better
    even when im not hungry i feel like i need to put something in my mouth i dont chew gum as this makes me want to eat lots more food
  4. mrsessex

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    I started a post on maintainence board couple of weeks ago exactly same deb except without the picking LOL

    I'm very determined to get to goal but motivation wise ??? Well that part left the building when I got into size 12

    I'm doing my best to look at ugly fat pics of me before I started and it's def having an effect To keep going

    I'm 18 pounds off goal but one side of me AND my CDC says stop now but my skinny head says carry on!!

    I'm non the wiser than you LOL
  5. trisha

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    healthy eating
    I'm the same, just can't seem to get my mojo back
  6. KD

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    You have a double problem here. Once people start picking they can often find it difficult to stop, and once people get closer to goal, they find it difficult. Double whammy eh. Understanding that this can happen can help. But, it is so possible to get back 100% if you get the motivation in the right place.

    What often happens is that when we start, at the very beginning, we often hate how we are. We're desperate to get away from being so overweight. It's enough to keep us going for a fair time.

    Then, hey, we're not so big anymore. We've run away from the monster, but then get lost when we consider ourselves 'safe'

    That when folk can hang around in limbo. The desperation isn't there any more. They feel safe, and know they can do the diet 'just tomorrow they'll do it' ;)

    After a while they realise that their 'safe' place wasn't exactly where they wanted to go. The plan was originally to go home and now they are stuck wondering why they can't get there. They forget why they wanted to go home in the first place, because the main motivation was to get away from the monster.

    So you need to change your motivation, rather than try and find the what was motivating you in the first place IYKWIM.

    Work out why you really want to lose more weight. Keep that picture in your head. Every single aspect of it. How it will feel different to how you feel 'now'. How it will benefit you to go 100% rather than 50%.

    Make sure you really know why you want to do this and formulated the route. Which plan you are going to go on to get there (810 is great). How you will avoid the evening evening. A bit of thought about why the evening is hard for you. Why you don't want to go off plan at that time. How that makes you feel. How you would feel the next day if yesterday had been 100%.

    Focus on the positives of getting it right.

    Take that idea of running away from the monster again. So now you are in the forest. You've run away from him, so safe for the time being. If you wander around aimlessly, unsure of which way to go, you could just find yourself taking the route right back into his cave again.

    If you can work out why you want to go 'home' and feel that it's really important to you, you'll get there. It's entirely up to you, but much more efficient to plan the route home than stand there thinking..."phew, I'm away now...I'm safe...I'll just wander around here and hopefully wont go back from where I came from...(hopefully)

    Hope that makes sense to you.

    I'll start you off.
    Plan for today:
    Aim for 810
    Work out why you want to get to goal. All the ins and out of what that means to you.
    Work out how you felt just before you started picking. How will you deal with that tonight?
    Stay absolutely 100%. Weigh everything. Absolutely no picking at all. Not even the tiniest bit. How will you do that. What will you do if you're tempted?

    Then just do it.

    Easy eh ;) Well....relatively, if you want to get to goal enough ;)
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  7. doubledebra

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    My goodness KD such words of wisdom you have summed up perfectly where i am at on my journey. I am lost in the forest, what a great way to look at it. I have just sat down and thought about my goal and found my reasons which i shall think about in more detail some are a bit wishy washy but they're reasons nonetheless.

    I have woken up today with a positive head on so i'm going to go for it today i'm going to start running home as fast as my newly skinny legs will carry me fingers crossed i can keep running well into this evening and all the way :)

    Thanks i have really found inspiration in your advice :)
  8. X_Tasha_X

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    Hiya :)

    Did you make a weight loss diary when you started your CD? If so maybe reading through the first few weeks and seeing how hard them first few days was and how your felt about yourself etc might help with your motivation.
    Good Luck hun <3 xxx
  9. Nellyphant

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    Wow, KD has said it all hasn't she. Always such words of wisdome.

    This bit that KD wrote:
    "Work out why you want to get to goal. All the ins and out of what that means to you.
    Work out how you felt just before you started picking. How will you deal with that tonight?"
    I would write down these feelings and your reasons for getting to goal so you can look at them often. Plus print out a huge photo that's you hate of yourself from when you were big and stick it up on a kitchen cupboard door just to remind yourself of why you are doing CD.

    What's that old line that used to be on fridge magnets and the like "Little pickers wear big knickers" or something like that.
  10. quizzicalgrrl

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    Cambridge 810
    I love this thread. I could have written it myself.

    Thank you for sharing and for the words of wisdom x
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