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what have i done??

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Hello all, it's been a good few weeks!! :wave_cry: I had just completed week 4 and had really started to feel great, clear minded, much happier, I could feel the weight dropping, feeling better in my skin with 18lbs off...then...my little boy (6) told his friend when round for tea, 'my mummy doesn't eat' she's on a diet...then my little girl (3) said 'i miss eating with my family' oh i can't tell you how this made me feel...i decided to come off and lose weight by following a slimming programme and eating with the family again. My first week was good on the re-feed but since then i've gone terribly down hill, eating everything and anything i can get my hands on :cry: i've totally lost the plot! What do i do, i know i can lose the weight with Lt but i don't want to be giving my children the wrong ideas about food, also i'm now thinking...i was so motivated and dtermined a couple of weeks ago, and now have probably regained my lost weight, what would happen if i got to goal, would i regain it all again?? I know how shocking those first couple of weeks are, and i was so into it...damn i have to go thru that again :cry:so sorry to ramble on, i have two days worth of lt and i am thinking of starting again next wed. (we're away for a few days)....i guess i'm interested to know how the other mums deal with the family meal times etc. xx
ps. missed you guy's:eek:
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I think the best way to deal with meal times is to just try not to make a big deal about it - when the kids ask why I'm not eating, I just say that I'm having my shake and leave it at that - I don't mention the words diet or trying to lose weight. They don't really question it now and once you start eating again I'm sure they won't even give a thought to the fact you were only having shakes for dinner. If you had older kids or teenagers it would be a different story I'm sure.

I can understand your fears about gaining weight when you finish tfr too. I think when you come off suddenly like you did it is easy to fall into old patterns and ways of eating. It's really important to have a plan for how you are going maintain your weight loss when you finish. Use the time away from food to think about how you might manage your return to eating and what is going to work for you. If others can do it - we can too.

Good luck:family2:
I know its hard but i think the kids get used to it. Only one time my 9 year old asked about it, i explained it and to be honest there's no way i could cheat at all, he's like hawk eye. If i'm making a sandwich for the other child he says you can't have that, even pouring some pop the other day which wasn't for me.... you can't have that because of your diet. To be honest they can see a difference in me and i think thats more important than remaining morbidly obese. I'd rather have more energy and get up and go and forfeit meals for a while than be sluggish, very overweight and probably have a heart attack!! Maybe you should sit down with them when their eating and drink your shake, or have the chicken soup once a day so that you can partake in meal times. hope this helps
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i make my soup and have it in a bowl with a spoon so i'm still sat eating, my kids can see i'm happier and have more energy i tell them i'm having healthy soup, to help me get health i don't say diet to them,
remember how good you felt last time you can achieve that and more if you try again x x
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Hi hun im not a mum so i cant help on that front. But my family dont really have good eating habits an it suck with me which i tink is more damaging than if i had of seen one of them take control of their eating. Your children mite grow up tinkin eating everything is ok wud you rather dat??? of course you wudnt! they are very young so i seriously doubt they will remember if mammy didnt eat normal food for a few months. Stay away from the diet word but im pretty sure your motivation for losing weight is also about having energy etc to be wit them.

on the gaining everything back bit you weren't really on tfr dat long and you also didnt have time to fully prepare yourself for refeed and maintainance. Yes maintaining is much harder than tfr but once you are aware that this is a lifestyle change not just a way to lose weight you wil be fine. Im refeeding in less than 4 weeks yet ive been researching refeeding and maintainance since week 6 ive really stepped it up in the last 2 weeks coz preparation is key to not regaining. You will not gain it all back if you change the way you look at food and be always prepared(harder wit kids but they can eat the food you will be cooking too and it will make them healthier).

You can do this maybe wait a week or so until you feel you can be 100% dedicated coz this diet is very difficult wen you have doubts. But your children will get used to it and wen you go back on normal food they will appreciate dinner time(the way it shud be appreciated).

I hope you can get over the guilt you feel coz really and truly your kids are so young they just see changes they dont understand if its important to you. But if it is then you must do it.



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Isnt it going to be better in the long run if your kids have a healthy and happy mum????

On the maintainence side of things; i am just about to start after 2 weeks of refeed. Your head needs to be in the right space, you need to be prepared to have 'blips' and when you do this is when the learning will come. You will learn to overcome them and learn to deal with them and learn that you can have some of the food you want and you can be sensible about it. You dont have to have the whole packet of biscuits you can just have one! Its all about moderation and making the right choices. Far easier said than done but after you have lost all the weight you want to the will to not put it all back on again should be so strong that it keeps you on the straight and narrow. IMHO anyways ...
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thankyou all for the replies, it's really helped guy's :) I'm back on it next week so will be a regular visitor to this forum again...this site rocks xx


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ah hun, i have 2 little girls who are 4 and 5. when i started dieting i didnt want to tell them about me not eating. after a couple of days they kept asking why i wasnt sitting at the table anymore? after thinking about it for a few days i sat them down and explained that mommy is overweight and being overweight isnt healthy. we had a long chat and they asked loads of questions. lol. told them it wouldnt be for long and that when mommy was healthier i'll be eating with them forever. made sure i avoided negative words like fat & big etc. felt they really understood.
told them the other day that id be eating with them again soon and my 5 yr old said u look so heathy and beautiful mommy, shes so adorable bless her.

good luck with getting back on track

x x
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Hi hun, I`ve got two children, a boy of 7 and a girl of 11. At first, they were both against the idea of Mummy `not eating`, as it took quite a lot of persuading my hubby to let me do LT in the first place! They were all concerned that it wouldn`t be healthy and I would regain all the weight once off the plan. Well, 6 weeks in and they are all so happy and proud of me, they support me totally and are so interested in how I am doing. My daughter always wants to come to my weigh ins, and is almost as enthusiastic as I am to see how much i`ve lost in that particular week!

I deal with their mealtimes by sitting down with them about 80% of the time, drinking my shakes and having my soup in the evening. The remaining 20% of the time is when I`m having a tough day, and I just can`t face sitting there looking at, and smelling the food that I have prepared for them! But I always try to stay positive and it`s not a problem at all. They can see how much happier their Mum is, and how well I am feeling now i`m getting lighter.

Good luck for the coming weeks, stay strong and come on this wonderful site when you need extra support. x :)
hi, i have 2 boys age 13 and 10, i told them the truth about lt the night before starting, i sat them down and explained what it entailed and that i couldnt eat .. it seemed to do the trick with them although my youngest was always worrying about me and kept saying he wanted me to stop doing it and eat.
your kids are a lot younger so its harder to explain to them, maybe when you restart try making your shakes like a mousse and eat it with a spoon so they see your actually putting it in your mouth, and the soup too xxx


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S2M, you CAN do this. Do this for yourself and no one else. Sometimes we look for excuses to blame for our 'blips' Your little ones will benefit greatly from a fit and healthy Mama. This is not going to be forever.

I cook every night. My baby is always saying 'Try a bit' Mummy. I say 'No Mummy's tummy is full up!' I've always taught my children that they stop eating when they're full. I hate the 'clear the plate' attitude, it's stinks. We all eat in the kitchen/diner. Everyone sits down, I serve up, and while they're eating I clear up, chat to them and mill around the kitchen. They're all too busy eating and talking to be bothered with me!

Keep reminding yourself how happy, healthy and proud you'll feel once you reach you goal.

You'll get back on and succeed this time. Keep coming on here for support sweetie. You will do this.



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Heya Betsy...

I do that too and there is plenty of clearing up after the kids!!

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