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What have I done?

Well my multi gym arrived yesterday, and the bike should arrive either tomorrow or Monday.
Now I have very wonky legs, a back that has seen better years, a shoulder that thinks its ok to be sore all the time and I go and buy a multi gym and an exersise bike.
My legs, back and shoulder are probably getting me back for the rugby and hockey days but now it is my turn, again.
Who knows I could end in a body cast but me thinks it will all be worth it.
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I think it was and still remains a fantastic idea... it can be your 'me' time.. and yes, so what if the first few days, weeks, your body resists to change.. what better way to see the changes within yourself.. every time it will be a little easier.. and you will be able to look back from goal to this very point and feel proud of the achievement..

I could do the whole 'pain is just weakness leaving the body' or What hurts the most does us the most good' inspirational quotes from gym bunnies.. but the truth of the matter is, you are already putting your body through a mighty fine workout with making it adjust and stabilise to this diet..

Any time you spend in your gym is an added extra.. no need to go into it thinking you are filming a Rocky montage.

You did this so you could have the option to workout a little when the mood took you, and its a fantaboulious idea.. rather than think.. oh need to exercise feel like it, ah sod it will do it tomorrow, its to late, its raining,the traffics to bad, my back hurts, my hair hurts.. you knew having it at home you couldnt give yourself excuses.. and that is very commendable.
Thanks Short and Scrumpsious. Now I know why I was drawn to this forum. But you are right, I can now do the exersise in my own time and whenever the mood takes me.As for the Rocky montage, Adrian, Adrian
Well done Mark. I bought a treadmill a few weeks ago and a power plate (you stand on it and it does all the work for you). But i haven't yet had the motivation to use either of them!! But i think once i see myself getting slimmer and losing the pounds it will kick me into gear!
i think having a home gym is such a great idea as is it your choice as to when you want to do and and for how long you want to work out for ...as its in your house so you don't have to travel anywher to work out...it will elp you loads hun i would luv to have a home gym lol but don't have the money or the space lmao
Thanks everyone, now Shan what is a power plate, is one of those things that shakes the living daylights out of you because that could do some serious damage to fat rolls

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I have to agree with cali about this fourm xx this is my life line.. but it has become more than that, I enjoy logging on to see how all your days went.. its a little more than a diet site for me ..
ohhh that makes me sound like a strange deprived little hermit in a cave... but its true.. you have become friends xx that mean a lot to me.

BUT I am humming the rocky theme tune .. dun dundun duddduunnernn nanananannnrrrnernnna duhnanaaaaaaaa


Grumpy Old Git
Just use it with minimal weights so its less strain. Might buy something myself to stop the flabby skin when my belly goes.

What worries me is what I might see once my belly has shrunk, haven't been able to see much down there for years...:confused:
omg i would soo luv to have a power plate....they are great lol n mark you are right it is them that shake the living daylights out of u...lool
but its soo good you just stand on it lool :D and while you are shakin u can actually the odd times believe that the flab is slowly disappearing coz of the shakin lol which will appen with time lmaoo
Yep it vibrates 50 times a second (very amusing to watch the wobble). Supposed to exercise all your muscles and help with wrinkles!! 10 power plate minutes is equivalent to 60mins cardio exercise!! And you can really feel it, your muscles ache afterwards. x
shann how much was your power plate if you don't mind me asking...tempted to get one now hehe now that you have mentioned it lol..used to use it a few times at the gym but always used to feel paranoid of people staring at my back while my bod was shakin lool....at least if you have on of your own you can just be on it for as long as you want without thinking sum1 is staring at you from the back lmaoo...

loool at mark
calli how cumz you don't use it..:eek: don't it like work on your bod like it says it does..:s...ohh i thought they were ones that actually does what it says it does and does work on the bod call..:s
yh just checked sum prices out ahh well guess willl have to probz when i have more money dayumm they are quite pricey hehe..dint expect them to b dat badly priced lol ahh well so much for that temptation..:$

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