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What have I done!!?

I have been a bloody idiot!! Over the last few days the cost of lipotrim has been worrying me a little, so I have considerd starting to eat with my family again etc etc. Anyway, after a family day out to Stonehenge today, which was bloody freezing and raining. I got home, started to make my family's tea and stupidly, decided I was going to start eating again!!! So, after eating a Tuna mayo Roll and a packet of prawn cocktail cheddars, the worry has really start to set in!! Why oh why did I do it!??? Coz Im a big fat greedy cow, that's why!!!:cry:
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You clearly are not into LT whole heartedly if you are considering eating whilst on LT. How about another diet that allows this?

I wouldnt use such harsh words on yourself. It will take time before anyones relationship with food is changed :)
hi hun calm down think about the positives of this diet the weightloss when the diet is done correctly is amazing however the diet is very hard and you need to be focused 100% if you cant commit to this look at SW/WW these maybe better for you its all about you and finding the plan that suits you losing weight is hard enough without doubting yourself aswell

keep strong all the best in what you decide to do


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I actually find £36 a week to pay on lipotrim is cheaper than when I am eating everyday food. Between what I spent on a weekly shopping, then popping back and fore to the Supermarket for bits and bobs, then buying treats when in work, drinks, crisps etc, then alcohol, I was spending way over £36.

Have a look at your finances and if you think its viable to continue to pay your lipotrim fees, make a fresh start tonight or tomorrow hun, try not to be too hard on yourself. I know its different if you still have to feed a family etc, so only you can decide if you can afford it. I only have me and my OH at home, so it works out good for me.

Good luck with your decision, and stop beating yourself up over this, we are all human after all.
Hi, It's not about being in to lt Whole heartedly for me! I have 6 children, my husband works hard to pay all the bills and food etc, however I spend £36 a week of our food budget on me, I don't cost this much to eat when I am not on Lt! The other problem is I have a 2 year old daughter who tries to share her food and treats with me and I feel really bad saying no to her, she must think it a bit odd that mummy never eats! I have a history of eating problems, I realy don't want my daughter to end up like me! I thought that by doing Lt I could loose my weight then start to eat a healthy balanced diet with the rest of my family. I really feel as though I have blown it now though! I know I could start fresh in the morning and put it all behind me, but it's the fact that I may put on weight and not be in ketosis when I go to weigh on Thursday that puts me off carrying on with it!
It must be really hard financially for you. I bet you feel guilty that you are costing so much, but you need to realise that you and your health are worth it. Think of it in the long term. You will be slimmer and more healthy and that is really difficult to put a price on.
Kred! I find that I spend a lot less on this, primarily because when I used to go to the supermarket I would end up buying something (CD, DVD, Top) that I didn't need. Also I've turned into a cheap date which my boyf is delighted about!!


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I can imagine it being very hard with only your husbands income - but am glad to see you are giving it another go :D
I like you have had a very difficult "week" but realise that lipotrim is the only way to go 4 me personally. I only hav 2 kids my husband works and i work part time, i also hav a weekly food budget and i pay for my shakes from that and hav found im not having to go back an forth to the shops to re stock wot i hav eaten (this i realised on week 3) ive lost 26ibs in 5 weeks. I dont think its fair wen your told you cant be totally committed as we all live different lives and hav different committments!! Sorry but thats how i feel!! I have a 3yr old who again is always putting sweets and fruit in my mouth and im worried about the signals im giving to regarding not seeing his mum eat solid food, so i except it then pop it in the bin asap(without him seeing of course) tommorro i will get up and start a fresh because i am determind to loose weight!! I may not be loosing it as quickly and efficiently as those who have not and "will not" have a slip up but i am doing ok. So if you can afford it then carry on and the very best of luck, and if you slip up again well remember were not all perfect!! Xx


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Hi Erin,

I dont think it has anyting to do with not being into it wholeheartedly, and i think its unfair to say that to be honest, its a really hard diet as it is, without the strain of the financial worries it can bring,

i personalyl am saving money by being on it, but thats cos i only have myself to worry about and was a greedy pig when i wasnt on it,

but cant imagine how it must affect ur shoppig budget, its a massive chunk...

maybe you could do 2 shakes and a hi protein meal, that way u could spread the shakes out for a few more days, and get weighed every week an a half or somethin??

stay positive hunni, and Well done u for coping with 6 children in the house!!



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I didn't mean that whole heartedly thing nastily - just if finance is a problem then this diet might not work. But as i have said in your other post good luck cuz you have decided to give it a go :)

What lauren said about having 2 shakes a day may not be such a bad idea - that way the cost wont add up so quickly :D


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Every little helps lol

an we need ALLLL the help we can get on thsi deit ha

To be honest, the not taking it wholeheartedly comment did upset me a little, I am a fairly sensitive person and the frame of mind I was in last night made me take it even worse I think, However I am back on track today and hope to god I stay there!! I am a person who feels guilt very easy, so I think this has all come down to 1) Me starting my periods (yesterday) 2 weeks late and being very heavy.
2) I feel very guilty spending that amount of money on me!! If you don't like yourself very much it's always a constant battle.
At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I would just like to say that I do take the fact that I am overweight and bloody miserable very serious indeed!! ;)


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Well done for getting back on it hunni bunch, its so hard!

your doing fantastically, and time of the mont is bad enough without it being 2 weeks late an hell week!!



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Hi there,

Just take it one day at a time....you're doing so well at your loss. Try and look at the short term expenditure for the diet. You could possibly be at goal within 12 weeks.

Wishing you the best
Hi erin, I understand what you mean about the cost as I have got my husband and son to cook and shop for so with my £36 on top of that it does cost us more each week. Like you I just have my husbands wage coming in too. We sat down on sunday and discussed whether we could afford for me to do liptotrim for another week and so I have got another week of shakes. I am just trying to take it a week at a time. Well done for having the guts to get on here and tell us all about it and I think you are doing a great job well done x x x


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Well i didnt mean to upset you - sometimes i am too honest for my own good!! lol


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No worries - atleast you are back on it :) good luck honey x

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