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What if...


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Hi ladies.. and gentlemen of course!
I've been having those strange philosophical thoughts today so i thought i'd ask for your opinions and thoughts on that..
Have you ever thought what would happen and where would you be now (weight wise and otherwise) if you never decided to do LL?
Would you stay the weight you were and even worse, do you think it would spiral out of control even more.
I know for a fact LL saved me the first time round and it's doing it again this time!
I can't help to think if it wasn't for LL, i would never have the strength or will power to change my life.
I owe soooo much to this program and i think i am so lucky to have chosen to do it! :D
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hi there
i would be on another diet - probably losing a stone and a half - then putting it on again.
i would be going through the same cycle of going to the gym madly for 8 weeks then not going for ages
dieting then not

round and round!

i feel sooooo grateful i found LL

its given me a level playing field to start the rest of my life on

daisy x


I Can Do This!
Like Daisy I would have continued in my cycle of up and down the same couple of stones, behaving like a saint until the I fall off the wagon, then beating myself up and feeling horrible and eating even more. Providing all the wrong messages to my kids. The main problem is that goal always felt so far away that it was untouchable and therefore I couldn't see an end to the diet and start of living.

LL made the goal seem achievable and my tenacity has made me stick to it and stay focused with the goal getting closer every week. I can already do so much with the kids that I couldn't before that I am getting my life back.

Once at goal there is a new challenge, but maintaining was only a pipe dream before. This time I am looking forward to having that chance to prove to myself that I can behave like a normal thin person. xx


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I had already spiralled out of control, but had stabilised at a weight where I lost a small amount and then put it on again. I think it's the CBT that really makes the difference.


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I'm the same I would have dieted on & off never ever getting near target & always giving up ! I had just come out of a bad marriage when I started LL & it has kept me focused, without it I would have hid behind closed doors & ate comfort food & would have got bigger & bigger.
Now I feel amazing and ready to start my new life......:D


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I am just at the start of this but I can tell you that since I started and took control I already feel like a different person. if I hadn't started I would weigh 16 lbs more, would be having panic attacks in the night worrying about it, and would be wearing the jeans I have already had to throw out. 2 weeks has made a huge difference already but check me out in 9 or 10 months!!!
I would be heavier than I was 10 months ago when starting LL, as living on my own I *know* I would have been gorging myself every day.

The gym on the floor beneath me would be going unused, my new sofa would have a huge ass-dent in it already, I would be wearing horrible dark clothes all the time, depressed, and hating myself.

Now if they arn't reasons not to gain weight again, I don't know what are!


is Magdalicious
Thank you everybody!
My thoughts exactly!
If it wasn't for LL, i would def put even more weight on, getting trapped in the circle of overeating, then beating myself up about it and then denying it all happened in the first place!
Now i feel i'm on top of the world, strong and completely postive about my future, sitting in my size 14 (!!!) jeans i couldn't fit into for years as i'm writing this! :D
These are exactly the reasons why i think LL is the best way to approach weight loss!
So much much negativity and controversy surrouds it but i want us to remember all those things we mentioned, every time we're in doubt or struggle with the program!


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LL has given me the only way out I could find - I was at my wits end and had visited my doctor for advice (healthy diet blah blah). I had tried going to the gym, which didn't help at all, and had yo-yo'd with my weight over various diets. I've just started RTM so I'm determined to stop the yo-yo effect by continuing the meetins for at least the next year!


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To be quite honest, I don't think I would be in the same situation as some people on this thread as I was losing really well (albeit very slowly) on SW. So I would be getting smaller but not at the rate that I am now.

Although, now I think about it, I had quite a big sticking point with LL in getting past a size 18. Maybe if I would have encountered that with SW I may have sabotaged my loss (like I unfortunately did on LL) and then maybe back to where I was. I think LL really helped me overcome my fear of being smaller thanks to CBT/TA and the encoutragement of my group, my LLC and my OH.

I really don't know. All I do know is that I am now the smallest I have been in years and I do not want to go back to where I was thanks to LL x x

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