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What if....


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What if tonight you win the lottery - Not ten pounds but like 80k plus or even better the jackpot..

Do you

a) stick to CD - with money to spend need to be slim

b) celebrate in style and promise to return

c) Never think about CD again

I just don't know...:eek:
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Personally, i would a) stick to CD to lose the weight quickly and fit into all the gorjus clothes i will be buying seeing as i can go on a few shopping sprees and then to maintain i would use my money to get myself a personal trainer, my own chef to cook me low cal and low carb nutritionally balanced food and i would also buy a new house with my own gym :) xx
Maybe i would have abit of lipo too on the stubborn areas of fat that dont shift after losing weight with CD but only as a last resort, lol xx
I'm getting carried away now with thinking about what i would do with all that money, lol. Think of all the shoes, handbags, clothes, cars etc. i could buy. I would invest and save some aswell of course. Ok, i need to wake up now!!! Lol xx


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Maybe baby - with you and the personal trainer etc.. I honestly think I wouldnt be able to stick to CD if I won the jackpot so many places to eat and drink at... Then I could have one of the best gym memberships and not have to work so would be able to become very active!
You could also afford those fancy machines they have now, like the vibroplate thing and them all in 1 pilates machines that'll give you a lean slender body. You could also do what Elizabeth Hurley did and lock yourself away in Elton Johns house with a chef and your own gym. Hey it worked for her, maybe it'll work for us, lol. I really need to wake up now! Can you tell i am major skint at the mo :( xx

ooohhhh and i would have Channing Tatum as my trainer, mmmm, yummy :D
I think I would have one night off and have Fish and Chips to celebrate the win (Yes, I know I'm a classy bird!!!!) But you can't beat fish and chips and I would drive up to the Weatherby Whaler to get them!!! XX


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Def carryon with CD after having a night off celebrating!
Would be able to afford a personal trainer & a chef to cook me a nutrionally balanced diet & wouldn't have to work so could get fit very quickly.

Oh well best wake up! :) xx


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Definately a) stick to CD - with money to spend need to be slim.

I have plenty of things I'd want to buy that aren't food, like a new laptop, a Wii, pay for my studybooks etc. Take my family on a vacation, treat them all to a nice dinner somewhere (with me sipping my shake).

I probably would get lots of gym-equipment to put in our house tho hahah :D

I want to be slim. Besides, if I were to spend my money on some expensive clothing piece, from.. err (fashion-leek) armani ??? or gucchi or whatever I'd want it to be a small size :D


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im going with the enjoy tonite and then get back on SS to fit into all those new cloths i can afford, with matchng shoes and handbags to go with each outfit! yep, i will now too go off and day dream about this for the next hour or so.
Oooh difficult choice. To be honest, I think I would wanna lose weight biggest loser stylie - try and get Gillian to kick my butt into touch or someone similar. I wouldn't want to celebrate too much until I had got to goal! Oh well I am gonna dream about it!
No amount of money can ever buy a healthy body so for me I would just enjoy spending the money on my friends, family and securing the future. No point in being rich when I was at my biggest as I wasn't going to be around long enough to spend it if my health had kept deteriorating at the rate it was.

So health everytime for me :)
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Would definatly get myself a chef and a huge padlock for the kitchen! A personal trainer to kick my butt for me would also be great.

Whether I would stay on CD or not I'm really not sure. I've only just started so don't appreciate the benefits yet.

Laura x
try and get Gillian to kick my butt into touch orsomeone similar.
Or Bob, mmmm, he's yummy :D and so in touch with his feelings :p, lol. I love The Biggest Loser, but i always end up in tears when i watch it :rolleyes: xx


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I would stick to CD for sure:party0049:, I've only got 3st 6lbs to go, so I can hang on for another 3 months or so, then go wild:party0036:. I'd have a personal trainer :character00116: and maintain my healthy new weight. No amount of money can make me quit now:giveup:, not when my target weight is well within sight:scale:!!!


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I'd stick to my diet. Definately! I'd rather be thin & loaded than overweight & loaded....

I'd spend money on Loboutins until I was at goal.

Then, I'd just spend a fortune on a MAHOOSIVE shopping spree.....


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)


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S: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb
Yep :eek:) You don't have to be thin to wear fab shoes!

I've recently claped eyes on a pair for my wedding next year. I canot stop thinking about them!
I'd stick to CD and buy more clothes en-route to goal......haven't bought anything bar shoes since I started, mind you have found loads of clothes that I haven't worn in years, that now FIT! Woo hoo.

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