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What improvements have you seen

I had a bad day yesterday (although I did stick to it), after being on a high on friday and wonder why on earth I was doing this diet. I did whwat has previously been suggested on here and looked at the reasons why I started in the 1st place and then I also looked at what improvments I had seen since I started, it was enough to bring me back to sense and woke up this morning feeling great.

I then wondered what improvements everyone else had seen???

So here goes with mine.

I look thinner(have gone down at least 1 size in 5 1/2 weeks.
I feel healthier.
My blood Pressure is down by quite a lot.
I sleep better and I no longer snore.
1 have finally managed to get my wedding ring back on.
I am more positive about things,

What about you?:D
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I have gone down a size.
My skin looks great.
I feel in control !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can really believe that this time I will succeed
This is what I needed tonight!! I've had a really rubbish day. Not been feeling good at all. I thought I was going to pass out while talking to a customer at one point. I've also been freezing cold and in tears saying that this diet was not worth it. I feel better now that's I've had my packs and got warmed up ....but

to remind myself of what I'm gaining from doing this is a good idea.

  • I've managed to get into clothes that wouldn't look near me a few weeks ago.
  • I see a difference when I look in the mirror.
  • My skin is great for just about the 1st time ever.
  • I've got more get up and go.
Thanks for making me think about this....I might well have given up tonight!
Great post, I know I dont SS anymore the difference is amazing.

1, Down from a size 22 to a 12/14
2, Bodily hygiene, I feel cleaner
3, I do aerobics without killing myself!
4, Lost a shoe size
5, Down 3 ring sizes!!
6, I smile loads more!
7, I try new stuff, clothes, hairstyles.
8, Dancing, I love dancing when i go out, but now I feel better instead of thinking everyone looks at me!

I wont go on but by eck, its worth it x
Well .....
  1. Lost four dress sizes
  2. I feel healthier with more energy
  3. Higher confidence
  4. Painless knees
  5. Good skin
  6. Lower blood pressure
  7. I feel "normal"
  8. More outgoing
But over all, I feel so much happier. I didn't realise (or acknowledged) that my weight made me so unhappy. I now look forward to the future.

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