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what is a shaker??


Back on the wagon!
You can usually pick up a LT shaker at your chemist. Its basically a plastic beaker with an insert that help break down the lumps...works a treat really.

You can also get some on ebay....I got one with a battery and it acts like an electric blender...check it out they always have some on sale.


Back on the wagon!
:D...its a little early but I am having about 10 per day anyway....thanks for you note! Good luck with getting the shaker....have you tried the flapjack for when you are out and about!!!

I have only tried the coconut one and i really couldnt stomach it. Its only my first week so im just grateful that for now i am enjoying the shakes. Maybe try peanut next week.

Perhaps i could ask you a question as you have done so well on lipotrim?? during your diet did you ever have the odd night off for special occasions etc ?

Being a busy part-time worker and mother of four energetic boys we get out once a month with friends. IM not ready to tell anyone about this diet and I can see this being a problem for me. Its easy to avoid the alcohol by being the driver but eating is another issue. do you think a meal now and again will cause much damage.

Thanks Toni:)
Hi missus,
I got a Lipotrim shaker from my chemist-brilliant things!!
You can also get them on ebay.
It's not really the best idea to have the odd night off-i wish it was- but the idea of LT is to break all contact with food until you re-introduce it. Is there anything else you could do instead of going out to dinner? I really miss my social life but still go to the cinema etc-it's just not the same:( But think about it this way, it's not too long to go without and when you've lost all the weight it'll have been soooo worth it!
I know some people on here have the odd atkins style meal, works for them ut personally speaking I wouldn't have the will power to leave it at that! You'll be suprised how supportive your friends will be when they see how happy LT and losing weight is making you!
Good luck whatever you choose!

Thanks Daisy. Can i ask you then, when you had your 2lb loss was that because you have had something you shouldnt have? hope you dont mind me asking. I find it hard to believe that it is possible to eat no food.

The cambridge diet only recommends this little calorie intake on a short term basis because your body goes into starvation mode and when you eat again it will cause your body to store it as fat.
I cheated once and had a chicken wrap my friend practicly force fed me, i felt AWFUL after, I wouldn't advise cheating-you feel like you have no will power! This was whern I had my frist 2bl loss but I was also just due my period so think it was a combination of both. I can't understand why I only lost 2bl last week but my chemist said it seems to be a pattern and something to do with hormones, time of your cycle etc. It can be very dis-heartening seeing just 2bl come off but it's still coming off and usually after a small loss you get a big one!
I don't think I will tomorrow though cos i haven't been drinking nearly enough water!:(

Thank you Daisy
I see what you mean about peoples pattern of weight loss and totm is a definite factor. Dont doubt yourself your doing very well. 33lb is fab good luck tomorrow.

Thanks for your advice


If you have enough will power have a meal of meat and veg and drink water throughout the meal you will prob find you cant eat as much as you did before anyway.

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