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What is everyones favourate flavor shake?

Argh this is so hard I love Banana Chocolate and Vanilla but it all depends on my mood 1 week I will love 1 more than the other then the next week it's different! lol this week I'm all about the Chocolate

I prefer the powder my blender makes them absolutely gorgeous, I think the pre-made Strawberry shake is nice, but I haven't tried the powdered strawberry so I can't compare

I tried to heat up the chocolate one and ended up pouring it away cos I though it tasted horrible. Maybe a pre-made one heated up wouldn't be so bad, I don't know.
I like the ready made coffee one or the hand blended chocolate one. They used to do a mocha when slimfast came in cans that was lovely....they discontinued it :cry:

They also used to do hot chocolate but haven't seen it lately......I think tesco's own brand do a hot chocolate??
I prefer the ready made ones my favorite is th cafe latte i also like the smoothies.


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ready made chocolate. YUM!! i also loved the banoffee one... but that was a limited editon one and i can not get it anymore so im assuming they have taken it off.....
Was in Edinburgh for work today and grabbed some readymade ones over there to use for the day .. choc flavour.. and oh my god I had forgotten how nice they are in comparison to the powder :-/


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they are much nicer....
i worked out last week that i have about 6 months worth of pre made shakes now... (after buying up tescos everytime i went in... LOL)
you have to stay on the plan now lol


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yes... this also was a reason i brought so many!!! HAVE TO STICK WITH IT!! NO QUITTING
Being from canada, I've got a real sweet tooth, so I'm all about the vanilla powder. It really is like vanilla ice cream!
Your weight loss is going great! What exercise are you doing Canada?
I like the strawberry readymade. Im dubious about the powder... r they actually nice? How do u guys make them? and make sure they're not lumpy? I take mine 2 work n leave them til lunch so r they best to have straight after uve mixed them as opposed to leaving them n having them l8r? Is it much cheaper buyin powder? Sorry 4 the questions but I am curious lol
Powder works out a lot cheaper and some people prefer the pre-made and others the powder.. there is a definite taste difference; i find the pre-mades a bit sweeter personally. But the rule with the powder is blend blend blend.. you're best buying a cheap hand blender (that's what most of us use) and having it in work.
Thanks Goreygirl! I mostly just walk a lot. I do at least an hour a day at a fairly good pace, and I try to be a little more active on the weekends (or at least pry myself off of the sofa!)

I don't have a hand blender. Instead I've got a couple of plastic screw-top beakers that I can shake the mix up in and drink straight out of. Sometimes I do need to use a spoon to get a bit of powder stuck at the bottom, but usually it's alright.
Sounds like 2 much hassle lol im lazy!!
I am another chocolate lover, usually go for the ready made one for convenience. They usually have them on offer somewhere so not too expensive. I'm not following the slimfast plan, I'm calorie counting but usually start the day with a choc one as it's so yummy.
I brought some choc today but fave so far starwb.
My fave is definitely the strawberry one, powder not bottled....tastes just like yazoo and mixes well with a fork instead of having to get the blender out!! I like the caffe latte bottled one too! :) Anyone tried the lemon meringue one yet??

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