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What is good about Counting Cals?


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Hi all I wanted to start this thread as a positive really, espeically as there seems to be some new faces which is great :)

I think, as tounched on in another thread, that calorie counting, unlike anyother diet I am aware of ... is that it is tailored to you needs, ie if you're not losing you can adjust it, it is also based upon your individual weight alone, thats why we are all on different cals and so should we be, we are all different. Also there is no 'treats' etc its all calories, so eat what you like, however of course it is better to eat healthy!

good luck all xx
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Oh to add ... it's on all the packets, you don't need a sub fee and it's fairly easy :) ish..... :sigh: I mean in relation to all diets


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There's many great reasons to calorie count. In the middle of some work at the moment, but must come back to this thread.....

Bump it up if I forget :D


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I didn't forget! :D

Great things about calorie counting.

Dieting in it's purest form. All diets work because of reduced calories.

It's easy to tweak to fit your lifestyle

Everything is on the packets, so it's dead easy to keep up to date and make informed choices, not just when dieting, but whenever you need.

It's got to be the most flexible diet ever.

You can do it for nothing.

It really gives you an understanding of how much you need to lose/maintain/gain.

It doesn't over score foods that are high in healthy fats like some other diets. It's 'as it is'

If calorie counts get to go on menus in the future, it'll be another step ahead compared to other diets.

It's easier for other people to cater for you as they can see the calories on the products.

Nothing is 'hidden'. There is no such thing as free foods when it comes to energy, so less likely to have an unexplained gain.

It's easy.


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I'm enjoying the greater awareness about how many calories are in things - and this is useful information for the rest of my family for the rest of their lives. Good to stop a problem before it starts.

For example, everyone (hubby + older teens) was horrified to find the nan breads we usually tuck in to with our healthy chicken curry were 480 calories each... and they don't really add anything but filler to the meal.

It's encouraged the eating of much more fruit and veg than might otherwise be chosen too. My children don't need to diet but lots of fruit and veg can't be a bad thing for their future health. Hubby could do with losing a few pounds and I can see that happening naturally as he's started reading packets too.


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Oh for me the best things are the simplicity, how easy and common sense it is, and how it's completely flexible in what you want to eat each day. Oh and it's free :)
It's perfectly fine to have chocolate every day, just factor in the calories! (cadburys fudge bars and animal bars are the best, at like 100cal each!) I think this singular thing keeps me sane!
I also like how you can adjust it each day in the week. i.e. you can go under your calories a few days and then you've got some extra 'banked' if you want something special like a meal out etc. Likewise if you've overindulged and gone over, then you can just cut back a few days by a little and it's all alright again!

In short, I think it's the best.


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what I love about CC is :

1) that I dont have to pay any extra fee's like CD or LL etc..

2) you can still eat with the family/OH!

3) you can still have what you want as long as it is in your cal limit. - so nothing is restricted (although its better to eat good :p )

4) you can still have a wicked social life. I found that with CD - I couldnt go out with friends like I used to as most of our outings would contain food, or a lot of alcohol LOL

5) No-one has to know that your on a diet even!!!

6) Makes you realise just WHAT is in our food ... I never knew half the stuff I was eating contained so many calories - this was my downfall!

7) it isn't really a DIET, its more of a lifestyle choice - I mean after having 1200 cals a day - you can move up to 1700 and maintain for good.

I am sure theres more but I must think about it! I am too busy with my head in uni books now lol.


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Hear, hear! - to all of the above!!!


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The biggest postives for me are that you can eat anything in moderation, it's simple, flexible and effective. Nuff said!


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The good thing about calorie counting for me, is that nothing is out of bounds. It's more about being mindful about what you put in your mouth by how many calories there are and portion sizes. I'm a fussy eater, and there's nothing worse than feeling restricted by a diet. I have suffered terrible headaches all my life, and dieting has often made them worse. Also in the past I've missed out on foods I enjoy, and have also been hungry too, and a diet shouldn't take over your life like that - it should fit in! I felt with WW & SW I spent all of my time looking up points values and reading books, that dieting became obsessive, and I ended up reading and thinking about food all the time. I only started CC on Thursday, but I don't have to think about it all of the time, and I think it will fit in with my life very well.


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For me what I like about calorie counting is that it is like eating like a normal person - If you eat too much you drop the next day. It's teaching you to eat in a balanced way.

So its less of a change when the diet ends. You just bump up your calories a bit and see how you go.