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What is it with men

Well yesterday I was on a high after my 8lb loss but that was short lived when my husband got in from work. He asked how I'd done, on telling him his reply was "thats it your done now you said you just need to loose the 2st and then you will stop"

The thing is yes I did say that and he has never liked me doing this diet but the thing is on going to ww many many times I have always stuck around the 13 st and then after a few weeks of staying the same I always end up giving-up and this time I would really like to carry on.
My husband is a miner and has never had a weight problem, I just thought he knows how much I have struggled with my weight over the years he would be 100% behind me.

As a family we have had the worst 16 months you can imagine. My 14 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia and it was during this time when I was nursing her that the weight has crept back on.

I think I just need to sit down with him and tell him how I'm feeling.

Sorry for unloading on everyone I'm just feeling really emotional today. xx
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Maybe he didn't realise your intention to keep going? If he did, then yes, it's rather insensitive of him. Especially after having such a great result :) xx
have a chat with him and tell him how you are feeling an that you want to carry on doing the diet if he still dont want you 2 ask him why? you have done so well hun wish i had the will power my husband is always saying to be to stick at it then brings home pile of sweets from the shop men are funny creatures god knows wat goes on in their heads .

I think you do need to sit him down and explain it to him Molly, people who do not have a weight problem sometimes really don't understand how it affects us. I'm sure he didn't mean to sound that way, he just doesn't get it. Try to make him realise how you really feel with everything that's gone on and I'm sure he'll be more supportive x
Bev, what a hideous time for you, I'm so sorry.

You do need to sit him down and tell him how you feel but, and I hate to say this, don't be surprised if he still doesn't get it.....I've had 5 years of serious health problems and am having a hip replacement next week. My OH keeps showing me jobs in the local paper and wanted to know last night why I wasn't applying for something to start in the New Year! His view is that I can always go in on crutches.......we don't even need the money! I had a complete physical and mental breakdown last year (long story) he found it too embarassing to tell anyone.......he didn't even tell his business partner that I'd given up work and sold my company!

The venus and mars thing is sooooo true, I'm not entirely sure that some men are actually human :rolleyes:

Feel free to unload on us Bev.......WE DO UNDERSTAND x


Will be thin god dammit!!
I second what Sandra said - men are from a completely different universe to women, simple as that!
Unload how your feeling to him but dont expect a light bulb to suddenly go on for him!
Its for YOU that your doing this and you stop when YOU feel ready x
I third that. My OH really does't like me doing this diet and he is always trying to tempt me to cheat. Men really don't seem to get the whole losing weight thing at all. My OH is overweight but he doesn't care. He says when or if it bothers him he will do something about it as if it's the easiest thing to do in the world.
I third that. My OH really does't like me doing this diet and he is always trying to tempt me to cheat. Men really don't seem to get the whole losing weight thing at all. My OH is overweight but he doesn't care. He says when or if it bothers him he will do something about it as if it's the easiest thing to do in the world.
Best thing that you can do then is ignore him and just get on with it, good luck, we're here for you all the way xx
Bev....hats off to you for getting this far esp with very little support from the other half.
It is hard as it is without these strange creatures who come from a totally different world. The best way forward is to bring it on the table and discuss your feelings....you may be pleasantly surprised!!!Hope it goes well.:)
Bev,, I really cannot add to what the others have said hun.. Please use us and this forum as a way to vent your feelings rather than let them bottle up.. After all you have been through you need an outlet..

On a lighter note.. Joe has been wonderful.. He encourages me, he cooks for everyone (not me of course) and washes up afterwards.
When i am having a hard time he encourages me not to give in and he always wants to know how much i have lost every week, and really praises me... He also eats his "junk" away from me..
Do you think he is really a woman????? lol x x
You sound like one of the luckiest people in the world. As much as I love my OH and wouldn't change him for the world (in most respects he really is fantastic) i am slightly envious that yours is so understanding. I don't think mine understands that I do this as much for him and my little girl as for me. I don't want to leave them as early as my Dad left me. (he was 57 and didn't see us get married or meet his first grandchild). I also don't want to spend the rest of our marriage moaning about my weight and getting really depressed about it, avoiding doing things cause I think I'm too fat and avoiding socialising. I feel that I am living a half life and my family deserve so much better.
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Not only do your family deserve it hun.. You do too x x x
I know its very hard on lt or any other diet and we need people to understand why we do want to lose weight
Also men are the worst tempters going and not intentionaly trying to keep us fat but when they see us losing weight it makes them think how desirable you might be to other men and i don't think they can cope lol :D
well done with your loss so far

debz x
Thanks everyone for all your advice.
Well I sat down with my OH and to be truthful I have just blown everything out of proportion he said to stay on the diet as long as I feel I need to and he's behind me all the way, But he does miss me eating because we have always had tea together as a family.

I've just been so emotional over the last few days, I think my mind has been doing overtime.
I don't want anyone to think badly of him because I do think he's one in a million, it's our 25th wedding anniversary next year and I wouldn't swap him for the world.

Well maybe I would if Brad Pitt came knocking at my door lol.

Thanks again everyone xxxxx

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