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What is more important for image therapy...

Mr Gilbo

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I am going to rejoin my local slimming world tomorrow. I like the consultant, she is a lovely lady and feel that she is supportive and always has time for you.

However, I find the group as a whole alittle too wishy washy. In that being the only bloke in amongst 30 middle aged (or older) women. They are all lovely ladies, it's just that I find it hard to connect with their life stories etc and how they have made it.

I have considered switching to another one of her classes to see if the clientele that attends that one is more to my liking or not. Unfortunately the other class is quite a bit more of a drive.

They is also a male only class just up the road from me. I have only met that consultant a couple of times in the last two years when she covered for my regular one. And tbh wasn't overly keen.

So my question is; For you is the consultant or the group more important for image therapy!?
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combination of both for me.

My consultant is ok and most of the class is, but like a lot of classes there are some groups within class that talk amongst themselves so you can't hear what is being said, and one or two people who will interrupt another person's time in IT, usually with nothing relating to slimming world in any way shape or form!

But I go becuase I am doing this for me, not them, and I try to block out any extra 'noise' not always easy I must admit.

having said all that you need to be comfortable with whatever class you attend, and if you aren't happy with this particular class then perhaps another may be better for you.

Sorry - bit of a ramble and probably not much help!


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For me it's a combination, but the support from my consultant is very important!! I reckon that if you give it time, you'll find people you connect with! And don't forget that people leave and join as time goes on, it's the natural way of things, and you may have some more chaps joining which could slightly ease the pain of the incessant chatter of the chapesses!! LOL!!X


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I personally think the consultant is more important, group members will come and go. HOWEVER I suggest you give the guys only class a go and see how you find it, you can't really judge that C when shes covering a class, you need to see her in her own evnironment if you know what I mean.

Good luck, hope you get sorted.


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im really sad when i hear people bot getting there chance to talk... my consultrant tells people 2 button it if there talking over someone! she as no tolerance for it...


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I agree with Gemma - the consultant needs to take charge of the class.
There are 2 men I think in our group and they are quite active within it but I understand how you feel, I used to go to a WW class last year and at 32 i was the youngest person by about 20 years and felt totally uncomfortable.
Maybe give the guys only group a go, you can always change back if its no good for you x
Good luck


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Both the consultant and the people make the group - in my opinion. The consultant has to be able to lead, inspire and direct the group - whilst also being abel to give that "a** kicking" (in the nice polite silmming world way) when needed. But the group support aspect is just as important - i.e. knowing that you can be open/frank when needed in group when having problems, etc.

Take away either of those out of the equation and things start to not mix. I changed groups last year - for a number of reasons - but a small part of the decision was simply - i didn't feel that the support was there in the group for me and the journey i had ahead of me - the consultant was there, but the rest of the members - i just didn't feel it. But it could have just as well been the other way around, that the group where there, but the consultant wasn't - and i'd have still looked to move. I'm now at a group with a wonderful consultant, and a wonderful set of members - we feel that we can be open with each other in respects to our lifes (and i have been) - sharing things that are very personal in front of 30odd people is something i just don't do unless the atmosphere is totally right.

The consultant is the important part - get one that you can't gel with for some reason and you're on a difficult path - there has to be something there.


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Well it depends if you want to stay there forever! I've been going for years and while people do come and go, there are a lot of us who have been there a long time and we've seen 3 consultants over that time.

The group support is very important to me as well as the consultants - however, if you want to lose your weight and stop going then I guess the group is not as important as the consultant, it you want to go for life (like me!) then it's both.
Instead of looking at the class and saying that this is a bunch of people you can't relate to because they are female/old/young/whatever, why not look at it as an opportunity to meet people who you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to meet. You might be pleasantly surprised if you try to get to know people before you judge them.
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