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What is my ideal weight?


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Well Im 5ft4 and Ive set my own "goal" weight at 9 stone because there is a distant memory of being 9 stone, looking nice and being happy hehe
Oh my gosh, I don't even remember a time when I was 9 stone... :(
I'm just so confused because all these charts give different ideal weights.


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I think the healthy bmi weights for 5ft4 are between 10stone 5lbs and 7 stone 7lbs


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Lucky Cat

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You've got to remember that everyone's built differently and some people are more muscular than others, both of which are going to influence their weight. Plus, it really depends what you're happy with and the weight you feel comfortable at rather than what it says on a chart.

For my height I should weigh (apparently) between 9st 9lb and 12st. Well I know for a fact that if I weighed 9st anything I'd look ridiculous and quite probably ill. I'm aiming for 11st which is what I used to be back in the day and for my build (as I'm not made to be a stick insect) that would be plenty slim enough for me.


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Just as lucky cat said different people have different bodies. Im 5ft 5 and my healthy weight range is 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 but I know if I was 8 1/2 i would be gaunt. When I was healthy at this height when i was a kid I was 9 1/2 stone. The most important thing is just getting to the healthy weight range cos that means your heart and organs will be a lot better. Besides curves are in not skin and bones. Look at Nigella Lawson
Thanks everyone!! Have updated my goal weight according to what I feel would be a healthy weight for me..


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Just set yourself a goal and see how you feel when you get there. You might get to your target weight and be happy or you might feel another stone loss would suit you better.
Well im also 5ft4 and i am currently weighing 9 stone. Im not happy with this weight and am ideally looking at 8 to 8and half stone. I certainly don't look gaunt or ill! But as other people have commented, it depends on your body shape etc etc


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When I started I set myself a 'target' that would put me just into the 'healthy' BMI category. I'll move the target when I get there, I'm going to see how I feel once I'm just into the 'healthy' range.


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Ive pretty much set my target as a short term one, because i think once i get to it i shall have more motivation to move on. Think it makes it slightly easier than thinking 'gosh ive got another 40lbs to go'. My targets set for 13 1/2 stone, ideally id like to be 11 1/2 but we shall see.

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