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What is the best fruit to eat?


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Hmmm, not sure really. I don't count calories. Bananas are pretty high in calories I believe as are grapes.

One of the lowest is melon - it's virtually water. Strawberries/raspberries are good too.

I never worry about the calorific value of any fruit or veg because they're all good for you in their own way. Let's face it, none of us got fat by eating fruit now did we?? ;):D


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Lol I suppose not.

I usually eat an apple for breakfast then a tangerine and apple with lunch. Mmm melon is yummy might start buying that as well and add it in. Sometimes I feel scared to eat bananas as think they are probably not the best option fruit wise... I don't know if i'm being silly though. xx


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yeah i dont add the fruit and veg calories to my intake cos i believe they are fundamentally good for you and you can eat as much as you like;) well depends if you want to sit on the toilet all day though:)

as for calories, i'd say avocadoes are the highest but not sure whether bananas are close. avocadoes are absolutely gorgeous though and are really good for you - superfood!! but yeah high in calories - calories arent the be all and end all though its the type of calorie that counts too. hope this helps sorry if its confusing


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Glycaemic Index Tables

As said fruit is going to be better for you that say chocolate! So I wouldn't be too concerned about it after all there are only about 80 calories in a medium sized banana.

If you wanted to you could focus on fruits with a lower GI as these will fill you up for longer relative to their calorie count. Yes watermelon is low in calories but because it is mostly water it is also the fruit with the highest GI.

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