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Green Days What is the biggest physical change you hope for from sw?

To gain my hourglass shape back rather than feeling like a ball with legs.
to be able to play the drums without the constant fear of my bingo wings having an hipnotic effect on the crowd as I play.

Every drummer has perfect arms!! I play the drums 3 times a week and I have to play in long sleeves... would so love to be able to wear short sleeves next year
I have a wardrobe of new small sexy clothes that I can't get past my ankles! Now My size 24 jeans are skin tight!!!!!! They are all size 10/12... Boohoo
I have a wardrobe of new small sexy clothes that I can't get past my ankles! Now My size 24 jeans are skin tight!!!!!! They are all size 10/12... Boohoo
Can see you've just joined - so well done for the first step in getting back to were you want to be. Well done & welcome aboard x


Hi folks i agree with you all...and. vicki, i sing and have quite good range but my lack of physical confidence has held me back my whole life so would love to look great, which as u say will make me feel better and perhaps i can do something more with my voice..good luck everyone x :)
I would like to see my muffin top disappear, it has only appeared the last year or so and it seems to show in whatever I wear. Its got to go along with the bingo wings
My two best friends are getting married next year, one in april and one in may. Both have asked me to be chief bridesmaid and at both weddings the other bridesmaids are a lot slimmer than me (they have no children, I have 3 and it shows!) I dont want to look back at the photos and feel that I'm the fat one! I hate most of my wedding photos :(

I'm also doing the London Moonwalk in May so desperately want to get fit for that. I have loose joints and know that my weight is making them worse, I figured training for the moonwalk will help me lose weight and strengthen the muscles around my hip joints especially. I'm hoping training will be easier the more weight I lose.

According to the progress chart on the SW website i could quite easily be at target by may if I lose consistently until then. I'm only doing 1.5lb or so a week but it's working for me and I'm almost 1.5st down now :)


Good luck with everyones hopes and wishes...re the moonwalk. I would love to be able to just walk first of all without swollen ankles etc etc... :)
I'm looking forward to my massive tummy deflating. x
I want to be able to wear all the lovely clothes that are stored in the loft. Have loads with the tags still on that I bought to encourage me last time I tried to lose weight.

This time i'm determined x x x
I'm looking forward to being able to go to any cinema or theatre, or get a flight without thinking "I hope I fit in the seats"! And walk into New Look without having to go right to the back of the shop (where they seem to always put the Inspire section!!).
Know how you feel Rachpid...I am afraid to get in the bath as I know I'll get wedged in and the water will get trapped behind when I pull the plug!!!
Ooh Susy I'd forgotten about that! I haven't had a bath for ages cos too much of me sticks out of the water and I get cold! It'll be nice to be covered by the water again!!
oooh...to be able to sit down cross and uncross my legs endlessly without struggling and feeling uncomfortable. Slim ladies always cross their legs. Oh how I want to be a slim lady.
Mine is to concieve, I have PCOS and currently can't concieve due to my weight and hoping it will be easier when I'm lighter or if not that I can actually get help for it :)

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