What is the damage??


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Hi All,

Just wondering what the damage is for all of us over the Christmas period, I have been telling family and friends it's a couple of pounds, but it's not it is 9lbs!!!! I felt so much better letting my Team Mates know and so many years lying about my weight it feels nice to be honest on here..

So what is the damage for you? If you want to share that is!

I put on 9lbs and want to SS all through January and on Saturday 31st Janaury would like to weigh 16 stones 10lbs.. so a loss of 20lbs :)

Thought I would record it on here, please join if you want to :)
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Hi Sarah.

Kudos to you for having the courage to start this thread. All the best for your target. I haven't put on any weight at all over X-mas and I have done SS+ on some days and 810 on others (since the 24th). Funny thing is I have stayed the same all through. I was back on strict SS 2 days ago so am hoping to lose atleast 20lbs by the end of January. We shall just have to wait and see.


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OMG - you are so brave!!!! I have avoided the scales for the same reason. I will go now and weigh myself!! Back in a min


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I am shocked!!!!! 8 pounds on in just 10 days!!! It makes me realise how little control I have.
I am out on Saturday night so I am planning a restart on Monday. I feel sick and want to start right now! I'm hoping that a lot of the gain is water. What do you think?


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Thanks Bijoux - and well done for STS all over Christmas, it's no mean feat :)

Go for it Wilma, knowing the damage can make all the difference :)


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Hi Wilma, our replies crossed over, yes most of it is water, I SS'd in-between xmas and new year for 2 days and lost 4 lbs!! that i have now put back on, you'll undo that damage in a week, well done for being brave and doing it now though..

I'm the same I have a girls night out tonight and 2 family gatherings - 1 on saturday and 1 on sunday... going to take it easy though and back on full SS as of Monday.


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Hey hun, thanks for your PM! Well I came off CD on the 15th December and restarted on 29th... in those two weeks I gained 13lbs, but I know that most of that was just water weight as my size didn't change! So don't let those 9lbs get to you, you'll have them off in no time.

I've alread lost 8lbs since starting on Monday (today is day 5, so it took me 4 days to lose that) and almost back on track. You're doing the right thing by accepting the gain and setting a goal to lose it again AND some!

My target is to be in the 10s by the end of January, so another 10lbs to go.. reckon I can do it no problem! My target loss for this week was to get to 11.11 and I've already beaten it :D



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I tried to CD for a couple of days over Christmas and new year but only managed one or two replacements before I weakened. It is scary to realise how little self control I have. I don't want to do all this only to regain the weight.

I started at almost 18 stone and before the gain over Christmas I was 14.4 and felt fantastic. I do think that because I feel so good and all the compliments I have been getting I have got a bit complacent.

Thanks for the prod to get on the scales - it has opened my eyes! Now I need to shut my mouth lol!


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I sts over christmas and new year but did 810, and only had a couple of extras, I knew that if I came off cd I would lose control !


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OK - it's done! Now lets get rid of it!!!

We can do this Tricia (you are my Tricia from team 3???)


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Lost 1lb in 2 weeks. SS+small meal(1b) Was very restrained and my family thought I'd gone mad including MIL and her friend also on CD who pigged out and both gained.

Ellen S

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:)Hi Guys

Havent posted for ages....hope you all had a great Christmas!

Well I pretty much stopped SS on the 19th December as I had loads of functions to go to etc and havent done anything since.

I weighed myself this am & I have put on 8lb which I am not too bothered about ;)I originally gave myself till 27th Feb (My 30th) to get to my target of 11stone (from 16st 6lb) & I am currently at 14st12lb (lowest had been 14st 4lb).....

Anyway I got ENGAGED on Christmas Day :D & we are planning on getting Married in October this year so I have decided to give myself till end of March to ger to goal now! But sooner the better!

Anyway back on the SS today - have a meal out in Sunday night but its Indian so I am planning on having Chicken Tikka and salad....

Good luck all of you! We can do it!:D


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weighed myself yesterday at 11.10 so put on 7lbs, this morning 3 of those had gone not getting weighed till 8th so would like to have lost the other 7 by then x


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CD people do say that as soon as you come off the diet water goes on. So I guess it just depends on your body as to how much water it holds.

I am talking myself into thinking that all the rich foods and alcoholic drinks I have thrown down my neck in gay abandon haven't contributed to my 8 pound gain. Yep - head still in the sand!!!

Next week will tell - I want to try and lose all that 'water'.


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i lost 4lb over xmas and had 5 days off, so im lucky! as i was expecting a big gain,
now back SSing and want to lose 6lb this week so i get to my first mini goal, if i lose the 6lb this week that will be 2 stone in 5 weeks! :)


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It's interesting to hear how everyone has done.. The great thing about CD is that it will come off as quickly as it went on..


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Oh i hope so Sarah. I've done not too bad just before Christmas but since 24th its been eat and drink. Had a bucket load on 27th when we had a house full and not had any alcohol since but did have a 4 course Indian meal last night, just me OH and kids which was really really nice. Weighed this morning and i'm 7lbs on. Have mailed my CD hoping she will take me on Monday as i only have enough packs to SS til then. I'm quite gutted with myself but if i can lie low over the weekend and busy myself taking decorations etc down and having a good tidy up in the house, it will be off before i get to CDC!
Good luck to all, i'm in it to finish it now.


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Hi everyone.
i finished CD at the start of Dec and was doing ok on WW for the last stone, but Christmas was a hard lesson and I have too gained about 8lb, but I intend to SS for a month after 18th Jan when i get back off holiday or as long as it takes. I am dreading it, i know it will be so hard, but i really dont want to gain all of my weight back. I am really looking forward to my hols, but am sort of wishing they weren't in the way of my diet, if you see whay I mean


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Hi all, I lost 7 stone on ll maintained for nearly 2 year, had a body lift in september on nhs. had boobs done a year ago and omg have put on a stone and half since body lift. Now going to do cd so starting ss today to get it off, I have to cos go back to see surgeon end of January and he is doing my legs next which he won't do if I keep gaining, so head down and let us all be good and shift our weight..... good luck everyone we can do it x x x


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No way can you gain again horseclutter - you can't go through all that for nothing. Are you already CDing?