What is the difference between CD, Lighterlife and Lipotrim


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Im really wanting to start a weight management programme that replaces meals for the first wee while and gets good results. Can anyone tell me what the difference in these three is and why they chose the one they did. I want to weigh up my options and start soon.

As far as I know, and Im not really an expert, Ill explain my understanding of it. They are similar in many ways

Lipotrim is prescribed by a GP or pharmacist, it cannot be bought anywhere. It is used under very close supervision with the above people. The Lipotrim programme comprises three phases, the weight loss phase during which patients can be expected to lose weight at a consistent rate of around one stone (6.4kg) per month. This is accomplished with specially designed total food replacement nutrient complete formula meals. This is followed by a very critical transition phase, where traditional foods are reintroduced according to a structured schedule. The third phase, maintenance, is lengthy but the most ordinarily neglected aspect of obesity management. Maintenance involves ordinary foods. Patients are educated to select and prepare foods with very low fat content. Lipotrim formula foods can still be available to patients during the transition and maintenance phases of the programme, but still require positive release from the doctor. Without proper assistance with maintenance, most patients will regain the lost weight. The recent addition of a range of maintenance products which do not require medical assistance has been of substantial help in aftercare.

Has different stages and costs no less than £32.55 per week, Sole source which is meal replacement then add a meal every 4 weeks, then maintenence and stabalisation in different stages, or you can start off on a 790 calorie diet with them too.

Lighter life
Is the one I know least about, as far as I can tell it offers much the same as CD but with the added bonus of counselling with regards to food.

Hope this helps, I am on CD but there are many on here that have followed both, the main one that springs to mind is icemoose, aka mike, you could message him to ask his opinion. If I am wrong about any of this info im sorry!
If you need anymore help just let me knowx

Forgot! I chose CD because of the flavours and also the cost, I hadnt heard of lipotrim at all when I started so I dont have an opinion on that. LL was not an option due to cost for me.
Like vicky I've only done CD so can't really comment on the others, but I did do a bit of research beforehand so here's my reasons for making the choice I did.

1. Cost - CD is significantly cheaper than LL £32.55 as opposed to approx. £66 per week.
2. 'Add a meal' every 5th week - figured it was crucial to incorporate food along the journey 'cos we've all got to face those demon's eventually - decided I needed to address my issues as I went along.
3. 1-1 counselling - I've done the group thing many times over the years - felt I needed to concentrate on me this time. Must add that this site and DH have been my group support.

My advice would be to check out all three websites and then ring them for a full list of counsellors in your area (they're not all listed on the CD site) and ring 2/3 of them. I did this and it certainly helps you find the person/plan that is best suited to you.

Good luck with whichever plan you decide on, you'll get lots of support and encouragment from everyone here on mini's :)
Thanks for your help guys. I agree that the £66 for lighter life is too expensive. I would love to do it for the sake of the counselling but I think that CD is the best option because of the amount of flavours.

I have put a shout out to ask if anyone can supply me because Im in Northern Ireland and my nearest CDC is in southern Ireland. The thing is that the postage costs are humungous because its the equivalent of posting it to a foreign country because we are under Royal Mail and they have their own postage system. The packs must also be dearer down there because i was told it was 85 Euro per week which is the equivlent of £57. Admitedly that was for 4 a day so I must check whether its as bad as I think.

Hi Happygal,

I have posted this on another thread but I know there is a CDC in Northern Ireland and if you talk to Lisa Carter sales manager, she will be able to say where exactly...I can't remember off hand.

If you cannot find a Counsellor near to you from the list below please call our freephone referral line on: 0800 161412 or fill in the Confidential Counsellor request: UK Secure Enquiry and we will supply you with the details of your nearest Cambridge Counsellor.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini

I have posted this on another thread but I know there is a CDC in Northern Ireland and if you talk to Lisa Carter sales manager, she will be able to say where exactly...I can't remember off hand.

Has anyone ever told you that you are a star. Thats the best news I have heard all week!! I was worryin so much where I would get it from!

Thanks so much

Claire xxx:D
clare, as demon says, we are very supportive lot on here and like demon, this is my support site too, I have got more support from here in 40 days then I have from any other weight loss club I have been to. This is my first time on CD too.
Good luck in your journey and keep posting
What is CD?

Hi, my name is Malen and I am new to this forum. I read your message and was wondering if you could tell me what CD is. Thank you.
CD = Cambridge Diet
CDC=Cambridge Diet Counsellor
WI= Weigh-in
OH = Other Half
IMO=In my opinion
LOL=Laugh out Loud
PMSL=P*** myself laughing...

Sure there are others - that can be added...lol