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what is the least weight I could lose in month?

My weight loss has always been slow on diets and I am wondering what is the least I could lose every month on CD? That would prepare me as so far I've been doing well. Does anybody know of anybody who has lost fairly slowly or not lost on SS 100%? I know this sounds quite negative but I'd rather be prepaed for the worst.
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Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi, I don't have fantastic losses compared to some of the people on this forum. I only lost 11.5lb last month - a total of 28.25lb in 9 weeks. I am very disappointed but I have not been 100% for 100% of the time. I have had some small cheats. But if you stick in I don't see why you can't reach the average stone a month. Good luck
Hi Mia, that is still good though. I think 12lb is excellent in a month. It is hard to stick to though. I have so far but I'm wondering how long! Thanks for reply x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well, I cheated tonight and have cried about it since I did it. Certainly not worth it, but I just couldn't resist. Some days are sooooo easy then ........... bang .............. the cravings hit you like a baseball bat :). I am on day 70 and I had a Mars bar and a little tin of salmon. I have been texting my friend from this site saying I am on the verge of packing in. So, Broxi, fight those cravings and try not to give in - you will only regret it big style.
Well you stick to it too. You look beautiful and when you are at goal you'll be even more stunning. 2 stone is great. I need to lose another 3 and I'll be at a perfect weight. No we need to tell ourselves it is worth it no matter how long it takes. xxx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thank you Broxi. I have kept going and going and some days have been easier than others. I WANT to pack in and could have continued eating tonight, but I get good advice from the people on here and I probably will keep going. I am sooooo depressed though at what I did. I was doing great, then, out of nowhere - this happens. I wanted to lose a stone by 9th July but I think that's out the window now, go on holiday, then come back and lose the rest until I get down to 9.5 st. I am 11.5st now. We will just keep at it and see what happens eh?

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