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What is the lowest ?

Hi struggling a bit as MFP says to have 1200 cals a day but still seem to have quite a slow loss, if you look around on the Internet is says not to go below this but if I am only losing 1 lb or thereabouts can I not go a bit lower ? Or will I go into his starvation mode MFP always goes on about ? Any advice would be gratefully received
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It's not good to go below 1200 as it's difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs in less than 1200 calories.

I am also 5ft tall and I did eat under 1200 quite often and I never stopped losing or felt ill or hungry

I am on maintenance now and although I wouldn't actually advise anyone go below 1200 it never did me any harm and it was also the only way I could ever lose more than 1lb a week too. Strangely by eating 1200 I lost on average 1b a week but by eating 1100 I would lose 1.5lb to 2lb.

I would never do it every single day though and not for too long and I did (and still do) have one day a week where I eat much more - maintenance calories when I was losing and about 2000 now.

This is only what worked for me though, I'm not advising anyone else does it or doesn't do it
Thanks I might try just cutting an extra 50 a day see if it helps , I was wondering as in theory that is all slim fast and Cambridge are is a low cal diet like 600 a day or something and that seems to work so can't you just do the same thing with limited food instead of shakes or is there more science to it than that ?
Or will I go into his starvation mode MFP always goes on about ? Any advice would be gratefully received
Trying doing an internet search on the phrase starvation mode myth is my suggestion, and obviously just be careful and make sure you get all the nutrients you need - and remember if you go too low you WILL lose muscle, and, erm, your heart is a muscle! ;)
I'm naughty like that, if I'm on 1200 I don't really lose so I do between 1000-1200 now. Last time I did 1100 for 2 weeks and when I did 1200 I really stalled so I'm trying to vary it now. Even if I don't feel hungry and I have 200 cals in the even I tend to have some cereal and some soya milk
Thanks will try it tiny bit at time , and yes I log everything even cups of tea to make sure all milk is counted etc I also weigh every thing jackets before cooking etc , hoping fir a good week this week so thanks for advice x
There is the point that we vertically challenged people don't need to eat as much as taller people because we are smaller..Dose that make sense???

But as the others say.. Make sure you eat enough and of coarse the nearer you get to goal the slower the weight will come off anyway :)

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