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what is the management phase of CD?


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Please give me as much detail as you can asI am considering switching. I am currently on week 2 of development and still have 4-6 weeks to go
It's pretty good :) You move up plans which increase both the carbs and calories in a low GI way.

The idea is though the carbs increase giving a slight gain, the calories are still low enough to continue losing - or maintaining the weight:)

Lil K

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Hi cc28

If you take a look on cambridge-diet.com under 'diet programme' all the details are on there.

Also there is a sticky on the CD board on here that details 'the yellow book' - it's all in there as well x
I would recommend that you stick to Lighter Life for management, I have had a few client's come over to Cambridge for this part of the diet and because they are use to the group sessions have not settled in so great. Plus for a CDC (not saying all) selling a limited amount of packs a week and having to take you all the way through management and the time this takes is not really economically viable, as the CDC will not make any money for the time it takes spent on you. I am not saying that this applies to me, as I do have client's who have switched to CD management but it is very time consuming. As a CDC I try to avoid client's who have lost all the weight with LL although I do have some that have started with LL and switched to CD. I feel it is a different journey/diet and you really must finish what you have started in the same environment, for the best success going forward.

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