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What is this in my new pack?

Hi everyone... some of you may remember me, I haven't been on for a few months. I tried to join SW just before xmas but my optimism didn't last long and I let the celebrations overtake! Anyway, I have decided that if I don't do something soon, the end of the year will be here and I would not have lost any weight.

So, I joined slimming world tonight! Woohoo! I will try and be around here as much as possible as I know it will help!

Anyway, my question is, I got my new pack today - all the usual that I would expect, including the new extra easy stuff (can't wait to start on that!), but there is something in there that I am not sure what it's for so was wondering if anyone else knows. It's like this sheet thing, not very big, with a plastic pocket type thing on it. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe it was to do with awards, but if they are stickers they just go on the books don't they?

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Soon everyone will be given a card (like a credit card) with your class and your own info on it so that you can scan in to your class or any other that you may visit, and all of your details will come up on the screen, hope that makes sense! ;) oh and the plastic wallet is for you to keep the card in x
We got the plastic thingy too and we got the cards and they are fab, I joined Mon morning and got all the stuff and thought it was way upmarket to Weight Watchers that I used to go to. I think it is a brill idea that you just hand over the card with the chip in it and all your details are in that. Much easier if you need to use another class too. Good luck xx
We used to have a credit card thingy at my old WW class, but like my credit & debit cards, I kept losing the bloody thing:p


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Stick the wallet on the front of your book and then slide your card in it. It's great and keeps it all together!! I don't have one :-( as i've been around for an age, so I have to keep my card in my purse and struggle to find it!!


This is really the time!
We have the card. It is a good idea. Ours is in a pocket on the front of our books.

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