What is too much?

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hi mike...oh i do admire you for drinking that much..having big probs downing 4l to be honest.

well my LLC drinks 6l+ a day..so i guess the more you drink, the faster you lose weight...

just drink it bit by bit...coz if you drink too much at one go, its like over-watering a flower..

im no expert..just quoting how my LLC described it to us...



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Hia Mike,

I think one of the side effects is a dry mouth. I remember having it too. No matter now much I drank, my mouth was still dry. Sometimes it was quite uncomfortable. I carried a bottle of water around all the time.



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the 'over watered flower' thing amounts to no more than 1 litre per hour. but I know theres still an upper limit, you won't be allowed to drink 24 litres in 24 hours....

Someone did post it once, hopefully they will check your post and post again! Maybe edit your title to include 'water query' so passers by will know what its about.


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You can drink too much and its got serious consequences of you do as you effectively overload your body...be careful is my advice. My cousin did so while on a trek & ended up in hospital on life support as she was effectively "drowning" because her body hadnt had time to process the water. She's ok now but was seriously ill...dont want to alarm people & am unsure how much is too much but suspect if you sip over time you should be ok...


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Drinking too much water in too sort a time dilutes the sodium ions in your body (among other things) in your body so much that you can go into a coma and die (this is what happened to Leah Betts). Not sure what the safe upper limit is though...


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Erm - I read somewhere that the upper limit is about 10 litres, but obviously a tall person would be able to drink more safely than a smaller person.

I'm 5' 7" and can safely drink 7 litres a day, but I wouldn't want to go beyond that.


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thank you everyone :)

I'm drinking 7 now and quite happy at that level.

I'm curious as to what the loss will be for this week compared to last week when I was doing a steady 4!


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Hi Mike.
No more than 8ltrs in 24hrs I would say.
I often have patients who experience swelling of the brain when they drink too much water in a short space of time.
This is the main reason recreational drug users die, they try to drink loads of water to calm the effects but end up doing more harm than good to themselves.
Water is fantastic as we all know but like everything too much can kill you!