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What is wrong with me!

Arrgh, im so frustrated today, its my day off work and all i can think about is food! i cant stop eating, even though its all healthy, low fat, low sugar etc i cant seem to leave it in the cupboard :mad: I dont know why im like this. I know im not hungry, its like some kind of trance...get up...go and get food....eat food...sit for a minuite....get up... etc. ugh, sorry for the rant but i feel like im going insane! lol
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well you've identified the pattern there so that is a good thing :D It sounds like you're sitting bored so you need to keep your mind occupied! It sounds silly but it really does help to go sort out some drawers or go for a walk, simple but true.

Hope this helps xo
I know how you feel!!!! I get into a trance like state and before I know it, the empty choc wrappers and crisp wrappers surround me as I lie on the settee....!!!! I go through phases of binge eating...... I know Im not hungry but I eat and eat and eat.... its ridiculous. Ive actually worked it out that when I set myself a goal and reach it, I press self destruct and binge eat.. or Im working towards a goal and all of a sudden I think screw this and eat for 3 people!!!


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I know exactly how you feel. I have a load of different things I do when I feel like that, the first is a walk, the second is phoning someone, the third is doing something with my hands like sewing. There is nothing wrong with you, you've just got into bad habits and we've all done that. keep typing and that'll keep your fingers too busy to grab food.
I've just changed shifts and I am struggling with evenings at home. I am not used to having all that time and it's hard not to graze! I have started cycling as a way to keep me away from the cupboards, fingers crossed anyway. ;)


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Best advice is just to find something to keep yourself busy with, like going for a walk or doing housework; eventually you'll get out of the habit.
Best wishes.


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Oh evenings are the killer for me too. How about joining an evening class or organising to try a new healthy recipe, after work go the shops, get the ingredients and make a meal of it. It's a matter of organising a whole new routine for yourself, otherwise a lot of damage can be done. I have to leave my money at home for fear I'll hit the takeaway after work. So many danger moments...


Got to do it this time
Thats the best idea ever!!!! I am going to leave my card at home from now on and then I can't get wine after work - I may actually give it to the OH - I need to stick to a budget too!

Faustina - thanks!


wants a dancer's body.
No bother Scals, glad to help, am too lazy to go out again to the atm with my card when I go home so in one way my laziness helps. :p Good luck!


Got to do it this time
Yep that's what I'm thinking I'll be exactly the same.......however knowing me I will do it and not realise I need petrol or something and get stuck! lol

Oh well - excersise i guess, walking to a local garage! hahaha


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im exactly the same!!! I do some exercise after dinner then try and keep away from the fridge/cupboards but sometimes its just soooo hard.
Wine I cant have in the house without drinking it LOL
Hiiii…Glad,,,, To me the problem associated with you can be easily solved by making less food or trying to move away from food. Try to spend more time outside home on holidays. Try to be busy always.[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
boredom eating is definatly an issue for me too, so i try to just keep myself away from the kitchen as much as possible. Go out an see friends, watch a movie, anything to keep your mind out of the kitchen helps :)

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