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    Hi all! Newbie here so be gentle! I started ss on Monday having lost a lot on lighterlife in the past(too expensive now and love the Cambridge counsellor I met) and past two days were fine. I had my 3 shakes no problems.Today though headache came, had a bad night with my little girl and other stresses so what do I do ? Eat! I have only had a boiled egg with salt and pepper! Please tell me I haven't totally ruined it for myself! I'm fed up of being the chubby friend! I weighed on Mon and was 12st looked today and I'm 11:10 :/
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    Hiya Mamma Finch - you should be absolutely fine with a boiled egg. My CDC said if I get desperate I can have an egg or a little ham. If you look in your book it does say what you can have (sorry can't remember the page number) if you need to. You just change to SS+ and apparently the losses are as good on SS+. Stick with it hun, it's so worth it


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