What is your downfall?

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by GhostDragoness, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mine HAS to be Energy Drinks. It's awful. As off tomorrow I'm done.

    What about you all?
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  3. Blessed1

    Blessed1 Member

    Mine is chewing gum :sigh:
  4. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Mine is having mouthfuls of tastes of very high calorie things! Like if a friend offers me a square of chocolate I'll be unable to resist. That's fine, but when it happens 5 times a day it all starts to add up :D Oh well at least I'm enjoying life!
  5. Snufkin

    Snufkin Member

    Ice Cream, can't get enough! :sigh:
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

  7. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Bread has to be my weakness. Bread spread thickly with butter all warm from the oven..... Yum,!
  8. Hala

    Hala Member

    cookies and chocolate
  9. bumblebee1990

    bumblebee1990 Full Member

    Chocolate - particularly when feeling very tired.

    HAPPYNANNA Silver Member

  11. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    Chocolate especially revels mmmm and sweets :eek:

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  12. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    Any carbs really... a couple of mouthfuls of any carbs and I crave all day.
  13. YOMO

    YOMO Member

    Mines bread although since having my last baby 4 months ago and being so tired I'm reaching for lots of sweet things x
  14. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

  15. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    bread is my major downfall - followed by junk food like macdonalds and pizza - i know its terrible but i just dont get excited over veg and salad and fruit!
  16. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Mine is savoury salty foods like crisps and I love bacon too. Also, I tend to let other people upset me so much that I fall into a depression where I don't want to even move some days, but I have decided enough is enough and I must stop doing that, I must get up and keep motivated!
  17. beavis420

    beavis420 Full Member

    Where do I start? I had serial binges at weekends when I was at my heaviest, I'd buy a tub of Pringles,3 to 5 bars of chocolate and at least 2 litres of coke zero, have my dinner around 6 and then order a takeaway around 11pm,some days being too lazy to cook plus I would wake up in the middle of the night and make a sandwich or 2, my weight seriously ballooned because of it, glad I have that under control
  18. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    Weekends! I'm great all week then seem to fall into a kind of trance at the weekend and eat everything in sight urgh.
  19. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Evenings! I can be 100% okay all day at work (I seem to have the opposite problem to most office workers!) but as soon as I get home it's like..."pizza?"

    And crisps, oh I can't even have them in the house anymore, I've had to replace them with snack a jacks as I can resist them, but give me a family sized bag of Doritos and try and take one and I'll bite your hand clean off.
    Note: Do not have a weakness for hands.
  20. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    Evenings for me, for years I've been so used to pigging out in front of night time tv eating whatever I fancied. Now I try to save up my daily syn allowance for night time, maybe have a hot chocolate and some crisps. It's definitely getting easier! :)
  21. Jubbly

    Jubbly Loves Minimins long time

    Bread, takeaways, butter, dinner out, chocolate at work, mayonnaise, wine, the lot really...

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