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What is your favourite exercise on the wii fit board?

I agree, step plus is the way to go!

Totally hate tightrope!


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Yeh the hula is excellent, I am totally rubbish at any of the balancing ones, I keep getting hit by a panda head in the football one.


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I love doing the free step while I'm watching the telly - I'd like to make a stand of some sort for it though, so it's taller to step on to?

The balance game where you need to put the balls into the holes is great fun but not really exercise :)


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hula and yoga :D hula plus for 10 mins gets me sweating :party0049:


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I luv the hula & step plus. Agree with ratty it's not high enough. I got across the tightrope once & never managed again!!
I luv the penguin on the iceberg one but I'm so rubbish at it.
Can't wait for the day it tells me I'm overweight & not obese.
My 6yr old asked why the wii keeps calling me 'O Bessy' when thats not my name needless to say my husband found that highly amusing & once I'd thumped him I explained to her it was obese!!!


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I love the boxercise and step. Balancing is not my thing, although I like the penguin one. And quite agree that being hit in the face by a panda isn't nice:D



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I love step plus, free step and the penguin on the ice-burg one. We should do a thread posting some high scores, making it more competitive! xxx
The penguin one is cool, 10 points for the red fish took me a while to get them....tight rope i have now mastered, jogging is cool but knackering!!! I guess thats the idea lol !!:p Yoga is very hard but i do some every day.x

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I love the Hula hoop, I have never been able to do that with a real one! the other night I was going with 4! thats great for a nanny! lol, the flipping step one, WELL I was seriously rubbish when they started going to the sides.... so ashamed at how C**P I was!
Step plus and hula. Jogging knackers me but i like it too


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I love doing the free step while I'm watching the telly - I'd like to make a stand of some sort for it though, so it's taller to step on to?
I love the free step, i put mine on my top step, alot more tiring, not sure what distance it works at, i get my daughter to press all buttons to get it started then she gives me remote, but i can only do around 10 mins before i`m soaked with sweat.....lol

I also love jogging, but have laernt that crazy dancing works just as good on jogging, me and my 4yr old go nuts, if anyone saw us we`d be put away...........quite tiring too

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