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What is your number 1 reason for wanting to be thin?

Hi I'm a bit bored and looking for some inspiration.

Why do you want to be thin?- no.1 reason

I could bulls**t on about health and that is a huge reason BUT I want to be able to get up in morning/or go into shop and look good in any clothes I put on! That's my no.1
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Wow, now that IS a good reason! You go for it! Enjoy the weight loss and enjoy the trying! x


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I would like to be more comfortable. Comfortable in my clothes, in my skin, when I am on an airplane/fitting in places, when tying my shoes, when moving about, when on the beach.

Haha, thats cheating when naming the number one reason for doing CD, but it is hard finding it! This way I could fit a lot in:D


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Maybe there are more of us here on the forum? It would be nice with a group! Too keep in touch and talk about these things. But maybe not on the open forums? I don't know about you, but it is a sensitive matter for me :)


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Actually that's a big one for me too. But I haven't voiced it at all on the forum yet. I am glad you did! You have done amazingly well so far!
And for me too x hoping to start a family towards the end of the year so losing the weight now to increase chances


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Hi Angel! I guess that there is more of us with the same goal! What I great weight loss you had in phase 1, and a wonderful start of phase 2!
Well I don't want a baby maybe a grandbaby! But losing weight will definitely help. LadyB, you will meet that special, perfect man xxx


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I will start up a private group for us who want to get pregnant, if you think that is a good idea? Then invite who ever wants in. Or do you prefer a "normal" thread instead?


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I want to feel stylish and knock a lot of my silly spending on the head.

Being slimmer would improve my self confidence and I wouldn't feel that I needed to have the "perfect" outfit for each occasion all the time...

I go out feeling good... then I go off each outfit every time I see photos of myself wearing it.
Hi my main reason is to sit on a plane and not have to ask for the seat belt extender, then to walk around the pool or beach and not feel like a compleat freak.

The correct responce if i was not going on holiday in 10 weeks would be, not to die young but thats to hard to think about, or not to get diabetes or a heart attack. Morbit i know but hay ho it's true.

Definatly do not want a baby at my age but a grandchild would be nice.
when i'm slim i will be able to do more with it. xxx


is back to finish the job
Btw I just want to say all the very best to all of you women who want to start trying to conceive once you've lost your weight.

I want to try for number 2, and I truly hope it doesn't take as long as number 1. Plus I hope to have a healthier pregnancy and a vbac...

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