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What is YOUR reason for doing this diet?


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What motivates you day in day out?

I am doing it for me (That's a first!) I want to be able to do normal things and not worry about my weight, like get in a bus/train and not worry I might not fit in a seat, or meet people I knew few years ago without hyperventilating that they will pity me or make fun of me, I want to go to university and do what I love without this weight getting in my damn way every time.

I want this time to be the last, I want to succeed.

What about you?

P.S I got a little teary writing this :cry:
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Fingers crossed for you this time Khazarji :)

I have this habit of always looking around me to see if there's anyone else I can spot in the room who is bigger than me :ashamed0005: I'm not trying to be mean about other big people, I think I'm just looking for some kind of reassurance that I'm not "the biggest person in the world" (how sad!)

I'd like to not worry about that any more, and I'd also like to be able to go places without worrying that I won't fit, e.g. theme parks.

And then there's the awful situation where I was on a training course at work, and one of the "energiser" exercises involved each team receiving one A4 sheet of paper and a pair of scissors, and we had to cut the paper so that each team member could pass through the paper without tearing it. Nightmare!!! I've never seen such an insensitive game in all my life, I was livid.

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I never want to be so uncomfortable again carrying the extra weight. Or hiding my rolls and bumps in big dark boring clothes. I found it really hard to be comfortable with myself and my self esteem was low.

Can't wait to reach goal and be wearing fab fun bright fashion. I already feel a million times better about myself. I want to keep looking younger than my actual age and be proud of my body for once. xxx
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Thanks for the post.. they are all fantastic reasons and I wish you all the best of luck....
I'm doing this for 2 reasons.
First and main one is I need to get my BMI <30 to qualify for IVF, also loosing the weight will increase my chances of getting pregnant.
Second so I can feel comfortable and confident again. I go shopping and buy what fits and not what I like.
Gone are the days when l feel nice is something I wear.
I can't wait til I can go into a normal sized shop and buy anything off the rail.


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Oh I've got lots of reasons............
1, I want to be pain free, I get a lot of joint pain especially my hips.
2' I want to look down & see my feet! and to buy my bras in a normal shop & not get them built in a shipyard.!;)
3, I want to be able to go fell walking with my DH again
4, It would be lovely to be able to shop anywhere, and not just Evans & Inspire.

I could go on and on and on.......


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I'm only 18 and I want to do the things other people my age do; I want to be able to go clothes shopping with friends and feel happy with the way I look. I also know the weight can't be good for my health so I want to reduce the possibility of other health problems. I want to feel more confident and live a healthier life, also.


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My main motivation is to try and conceive. I got pregnant at 15 stone and was absolutely fine throughout the pregnancy but then at the birth it all went wrong and he ended up in special care for two weeks due to fluctuating blood sugars. They say it wasn't my fault but I still feel guilty. Now I've seen what can go wrong I want to be a lot lighter next time.

I also want to go on holiday and get on the plane confident that the bloody seatbelt will fasten. I went away in May and it fastened after I had breathed in and there was about a millimeter of the belt left! :eek:


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I'm not on CD yet but joining in 2weeks after going on holiday.

My reasons are:

1. I want to feel confident when I walk into a room or shop or when going out with my boyfriend and not like people are looking at me going man she's really dumpy.

2. I want to lose weight faster than I am at the moment because I've planned to go and see Rocky Horror for my birthday and I want to look slim in PVC and Fishnets!

3, I want to be able to walk into any shop and find something that fits well without having to route through the sizes hoping that I can find mine and then praying it fits

4. I love shoes and want my heels to last longer so I don't have to re-heel them so often

5. I was a happy brighter person when I was thinner and I cared less about what I ate, I want that feeling back again, I don't want to have to feel like I should pick the salad cuz otherwise people will think I'm greedy... I want to be able to choose the salad because I like the fresh taste of it.

6. I want to get back into dancing again and dance clothes and the 'large' size is barely a 14 in most places!

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I want to feel like me again rather than having to telling people Ive just met that I'm a mum of two straightaway so that I can justify being fat!

Also want to put on any of my clothes without it taking an hour to see which outfit makes me look less fat and then end up wearing the first thing, by which time Im hot and sweaty trying clothes on and near to tears..


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S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 2st2lb(16.13%)
I think my main reasons for losing weight are due to lack of self esteem and i'd love to walk into a designer clothes store without the sales staff staring at me through 12inch makeup with that "why is that porker in here" look on their faces.
I recently had my heart wrenched out by my ex who decided "he didn't know what he wanted but it definatley wasn't me" which is the ultimate rejetion in itself.
Id love to be able to go on holiday and not look back at the photos and feel like someone should have harpooned me on the beach and dragged me back into the ocean.
I want to go travelling at the end of the year and would like the energy and sustainability to climb hills and trek without huffing and puffing till i pass out.
I would also like to enjoy food again and value its properties and learn to cook, appreciate and understand good nutritional balances. This is most important as when I start a family i never want my children to go through the weight struggle i've been through.
But most of all i'm doing this to live as a happier confident sexier slimmer woman who who doesn't need anyone to make her feel amazing but herself. xxxxxxxxx:)


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I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. And like so many of you have said, buy clothes because I like them, not because I can get into them!
I also feel like I deserve this now, I am treating it as a present to myself. I have felt for so long that I didn't deserve to look nice. Now I realise that I do. That might sound a bit mental. X


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I am doing this so I can get more comfortable when moving about, when traveling and fitting in seats and so on.

I also wants to by clothes that I like and makes me feel good, and not dark clothes just because they fits.

I also want to get pregnant, and this will increase my chances.

I am looking forward to get there :D


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I hope this can be the start of the journey that helps me find 'me' - and not hide behind my bravado of confidence, when the reality is a world of self doubt. Having never been anything but fat, i always get the sense that i haven't quite lived my life to the full, and my weight has made me miss so many opportunities. As well as just for me, this is for my family, I want to lose weight and get fit and healthy for my daughter, completely change my eating habits so she will never have to face the same problems i have. After losing weight, i want to plan to get married (after 12 long years of 'wait till i'm thin') and plan for another baby. This time though i want to look pregnant, not just extra fat! The list could go on forever.....xx


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hi all,
great thread!
my reason's are to feel happy with myself. to not be out of breath walking up stairs. to go down town with my friends and not have a crap night because i spend the whole time being paranoid people are talking about me. and finally to fit into normal shoes (not wide fit's)
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The main reason for me to be on CD is because I have all my clothes size 12. I am out of 12 jeans and trousers, dresses still kinda fit but uncomfy. I need to get back in my clothes and get rid of size 14 as I am stuck in this size for over a year with no progress in the right direction. instead even 14 was getting tight on me so I refused to buy 16 and got myself on CD instead. Happy days to come. :p


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I want to get my wedding & engagements rings back on. Fit down the slide at the park so I can do it with my DD. Be healthy. There are more, but I don't want to bore y'all!
Thanks for the post.. they are all fantastic reasons and I wish you all the best of luck....
I'm doing this for 2 reasons.
First and main one is I need to get my BMI <30 to qualify for IVF, also loosing the weight will increase my chances of getting pregnant.
Second so I can feel comfortable and confident again. I go shopping and buy what fits and not what I like.
Gone are the days when l feel nice is something I wear.
I can't wait til I can go into a normal sized shop and buy anything off the rail.

exactly my reasons too - we will get there Polly :)
S: 15st2lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 2st1lb(13.68%)
all night naughty sesh- not being literally knackered after two goes. :D sorry- just being honest!

and to wear anything from any shop and feel confident:)

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