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What job do you do?


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i work 37/5 hours a week as a waiting list officer in the NHS(bringing patients in for ops)


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I work very silly shifts at very silly times as a scene of crime officer!xx


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I haven't got a job yet, I'm in college :)

mrs bee

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I work 47 hours a week as a Nanny to 2 3 year old boys!


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I'm an HR manager for a Swiss Private Bank. I've worked full time since I was 16 years old (only had 3 months off to have the little one), however on 1st of April this year I'm cutting my hours down and will finish work at 2.30pm each day. I'm sooooooo excited:D


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I haven't got a job yet, I'm in college :)
Oooo i wish i was still there!! I'm studying for my Masters degree and working...and well its just no fun lol. What you studying?xx


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I do 3 x 9hr nights looking after a lad on a ventilator in his own home.

I also practice and teach complimentary therapies and read tarot.


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I work 12-15 hours a week. Spread over Tues, Wed & Thurs evenings. I am an acupuncturist and work mainly with fertility treatment. Love it! But am loving being home with babs more!


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Working in a bookshop would be my dream job!! I am a teaching assistant for teenagers aged 13-16 during the day and work at Tesco 2 nights a week.


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I'm a full time student studying criminal justice studies and psychology - due to finish in may!!!

I also work tues-sat 6:15am - 11:15am as a Manual Data Entry Clerk for Royal Mail.

And ... one sunday i month i work at the Holiday Inn as a Chambermaid :D


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i'm a nurse, used to work with Leukemia patients but now I do bank so go wherever they are short staffed. Most of the time it is very interesting..some days it would be nice to be just on one ward :)


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I'm a family tutor and also have my own jewellery business.


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I'm a data entry clerk for TNT and work in the traffic office answering phone queries and trying to figure out where the hell the drivers are.

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I work with Kered but unfortunately on a different shift/team :cry:


It really does work! :)
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I work 37.5 hours (in a normal week) as a Software Engineer. Can be interesting and boring at the same time! lol


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I work full time as a manager of a pharmaceutical company, i don't do any of the exciting stuff with the drugs - just all of the day to day stuff! x

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