what jobs do you ....that tempt you whilst on LL or CD?


:rolleyes: my friend works in a cake shop and is allowed to take the unsold stuff all home ........cakes are my down fall ...so i have to decline all those goodies i'm a nurse so no temptation at work
I work in a sandwich deli thing. I can have whatever I want for lunch while I'm there and could take unsold stuff home if I want too. It's not so bad abstaining because I know I'll still be able to do that when I'm finished dieting
pat on the back kati.......this is just temporary as you say x
Luckily i work in an office on me todd, and there is no vending machines/canteen or any way of food to tempt me.

There is a shop about 10minutes DRIVE away but well, i am too lazy which is great when on a VLCD.

I work in an office with 2 vending machines, 2 coffee machines, a sandwich man who comes in every day, regular pasty (yuck!!) deliveries, lots of ppl buying cakes and sweets.... ITS AWFUL!! No wonder I was 16stone starting this!!!