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What made you decide now is the time?


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I was wondering if anyone else could tell me when that moment came which made them decide "now is the time to do something about my weight".

Mine came as I was sat on my bed naked, drying my hair. I looked like Buddha! ( a truely inspirational moment lol) I looked at myself and realised that I was looking at a false me. The person I could see was unhappy, felt ugly and old and had become a victim of herself. The true me is a victim of nothing and no-one!!! I am strong, beautiful, intelligent and caring and I have a beautiful daughter to whom I want to be a true inspiration.

That was my "moment" xx:flowers:
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My moment was a work trip to well known theme park went to go on a ride and a man and woman litterally had to sit on me to get the bar to click in to place it was the most uncomfotable ride of my life as well as being a completely humilliating experience they were saying "na i dont think its going to go" talking bout me like i wasnt sitting in the seat i just laughed it off in my normal fashion but it was like omg i dont fit on a ride this is getting riduculas i have 2 small children and the thought of them growing up with a mum who cant get on a ride who wont go swimming who cant run round the park after them was devastating so that was my moment and it changed my life!
Mine was when my cousin posted at picture of me and my family at my Dad's wedding on a certain social networking site. He tagged me in it and I was looking forward to seeing a gorgeous me on a very special day! Up until that point I must have been in complete denial about how I looked because I when I saw the pic, I was huge- I was popping out of the dress, I had three chins and the arms were just unbelievable!!!

I actually didn't say anything to anyone about how horrified I was. I just called my CDC and said I needed to start asap. I also left the picture up so that in the next month or two when I am at goal, people can really see how bad it was and how great I look now!!

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I lost my beautiful mother in September, and I went into a spiral of overeating that just added to my already seriously obese body...I knew what I was doing I was in self destruct mode...a brief chat to a good friend who had been on LL and just mentioned that she had done CD...made the penny drop....it was like a light when off in my brain that said 'This is it....you chance to turn your life around'....and I took it.


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Mine was when i was walking past a shop window and caught sight of this huge lady looking back at me and realised it was me i didnt recognise myself anymore, i then pressed the stop button no more cant carry on following wednesday started CD no going back.


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I was just about squezzing into a 16 an I have never been an 18 but knew thats where I was heading if I didn't take action. Something in my head just switched it was weird. It happend to my friends dad who was a smoker all his life forty a day one day we were all on holiday and after a meal he was smoking when he suddenly put the cig out and announced he didn't want to smoke anymore and from that moment he has never touch a cig again. It's really weird when your head just gets that click and you know you wont be the same again xxxx
I was sitting in bed watching TV and I have a wardrobe with a full length mirror that I can see from the bed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a fat girl with a massive face and arms sitting there instead of me! I was devastated because before when I've put weight on it hasn't effected my face so I knew it was getting serious!
Mine was putting on a dress and tooking in the mirror at an image I didn't see as me. This was followed by a night out with a couple of girlfriends, one of whom had picked up a lot of weight in a matter of months. The next morning, I looked in the mirror at my relection in my fat jeans (now feeling much too snug) and I felt so low. I could not bear the thought of months of yo-yo weight loss on low calorie plans so I decided to go for the CD. It requires a lot of will power but I find it easier to be true to myself of this diet than on any other I have tried. I am determined to get to or near my goal weight by my 53rd Birthday.

Let's do it for ourselves!


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I realised i hadnt been for a night out in MONTHS because i felt too self conscious and fat. also couldnt find any nice clothes to fit me so thought ''right, i have to do something NOW otherwise i will be miserable for the long run!''
I should of sorted it out last year! I was chief bridesmaid for my sisters wedding in June, I felt awful, fat and ugly:( Someone tagged me in my evening dress and I didn;t reconise myself! I carried on until, christmas, trying to eat healthy, a friend had being doing cd before I moved and then on 28th Dec for some reason I went enough is enough and saw my cd the same day!

I have had a few wobbles, but they have all been good wobbles it's a learning curve and had work but worth it
I didn't really have a "moment" that made me suddenly decide to go on a diet. I'd been thinking about it for a long time, and actually I'd been trying to lose weight on my own for about a year. I was tired of my back hurting, my hands falling asleep when I was in bed, and my knee hurting. Since calorie counting wasn't doing it for me, I just decided to go back to Cambridge, which I'd tried in the 1980's. It had really worked then (though I didn't have nearly as much to lose) and I knew it would work again.
My weight fluctuates so much, that I am always on a diet, and anyone who knows me knows that I am ( although i never really lose weight ) if that makes sense.

My daughter took some pictures of me and i always kidded myself thinking i looked ok, and i looked at the pictures and I didnt see me at all, infact I think I have imagined what I have looked like for so long I dont think i have ever really known.

It was making me so unhappy, hubby too embarrased to take me out etc... that i decided i dont want to be fat and thirty which I turn next month, I want to feel good and know that that is what other people see.

Sorry long winded and might not make sense x x x
For me it's been a build up of thing's not just one moment, I have started a diet every year for the past few years and failed and just put on more weight.

I have had comments at work from people I have not seen for a while like when's it due (I was not pregnant) a shop assistant stating that I needed to eat well in my condition ( Still not pregnant). I comfortated myself by saying at least they think I am pregnant not just fat.

Going away on holiday last year and getting in a panic that the seat belt might not fit me, struggling to pull the tray down for the airline meal.

I hated going shopping with my mum and sister who can pick up a size 10 and me well I would try to avoid it and when I did go I would stand in the shop and wish the world to swallow me up as nothing in the store will fit me. I would look at shoes, hand bags and hair clips!

(I wear clothes that fit not that I like)

I have two teen's who are growing up one drive's a car, they both are needing me less and less, they go out with friends and I realised I had been sat at home hiding cutting myself off. I have not maintained any friendships I turn invites down as I can not stand the trauma of what to wear!

I suppose I felt abandoned this past year and as my husband works nights and I just stay home and I thought I need to change how do I do it I can not let life keep passing me by?

I looked at myself and saw a fat unhappy woman. I found out about Cambridge and I know it's only early days I have a long way to go and I am sure I will have up's and downs but I am looking forward not back and have started on a new path to re discover me;)
My size 18/20 were getting tight and I felt unwell and exhausted most of the time :( In the April, I cut my leg and then proceeded to have some sort of fainting fit, wetting myself in front of my son, neice, nephew and my mother! After getting checked out by the hospital(nurse said it must have been a seizure-which scared the hell out of me!), docs etc and them saying it was a response to the injury, I decided that it was my body giving me a big warning and that I needed to do something!
I mulled over the diets available and was feeling pretty down about them until I discovered a lady I work with is a CDC who had previously lost 3 stone. I researched CD, asked any questions I had and then signed up, determined to become a healthy weight. It has been the best decision ever! :D
My moment was when walking up a very steep hill in Long Mynd in Shropshire. My back was in agony, I had to stop every few minutes and small children were overtaking me!!! I suddenly realised that I am nearly 40 with a beautiful grandaughter and a great hubby, I love my job, love my home, have great friends etc etc but with a history of strokes and cancers in my family I was putting all this at risk. I started on a fitness campaign and did the race for life in May 08 and then climbed scarfell pike and ben nevis in July. Had a blip from September when we went on holiday and then was working stupid hours (25 days non stop at one point) so the gym went out the window. Decided to try CD to kick start the process again and am thrilled to bits with how well I am doing............and its all down to all the lovely people on this site! I don't do facebook etc (think it all a bit sad really, hope I don't offend anyone!) but this site has been such a huge help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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my moment was a few years ago.. and I got down from 17st 4 to 12 and a half.. I sadly have crept up from there in the last three years.. and I guess 15 st 4 was 'only' 2 stone away from my heaviest and how horrible I felt came flooding back. Along with a conversation with my aunt (same height as me) who has been very big most of her life, but yo-yo'd inbetween.. well she is 63 now has had a heart bypass is gaining weight again and said herself she has 'given up' and thrown away her scales!!

I just saw myself as a smaller version of her, and didn't like that image at all!

So.. I'm back to sort myself out for good!

Well done everyone for posting their stories, I'm sorry if like mine they're painful, but we're here.. we're doing it and it's for US! :D
ive had two main moments in the last few weeks. the first was having to walk through a group of young chavs as they shouted abuse at me, which made me feel like crap but i could handle. the second was the day before mothers day, i was on the bus home from uni, and i was physically attacked on the bus by a grown man (at least 30). i think he was a bit drunk, or maybe just a d**k, but he started shouted the odds saying i looked at him funny, saying that he was going to throw me out the window. Luckily my stop was the next stop, but as i went to walk down the stairs, he leant over the edge, grabbed my hair and pulled while shouting "dont fall fat b***h, you'll make the bus fall over". :( when ive told other people the story, ive said that he just said the dont fall over part while pulling my hair, im too embarrassed to tell the truth :(
My moment was after I visited my GP for regular check up due to bad Oseteoarthritis. He advised me to loose weight and go on very low calorie diet as my metabolism is very slow. Did the research and went for it without hesitation. Am on 1000 cal CD and doing OK. Lost 3lbs week 1, 4.4lbs week 2 and weigh in tonight. I have 4 beautiful children and 3 grandsons so want to be able to do lots of energetic things with them. My health is really important and for once in my life I'm doing this for ME because I'm worth it!!!
Good luck to all of you.

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