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There is something going on with Nivea (I think) lately about what makes us feel good etc..... I thought I'd start a thread on our very own favourite forum about what makes us feel good,.... this is something to 'think about' as there is one rule...you're not allowed to say something like 'feeling slim' etc which is fantastic of course, that's why we're here but.... lets see if we can think of OTHER things that make us feel good.
I'll start the ball rolling with this:-

I love snuggling up to my little girl in the morning when she first wakes up, she's sooooooooo cuddly and warm, and she's deffinately a 'morning person' like me, tis my favourite time of the day. :D

Now your turn.....
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Well I would have gone for the snuggling with DD too but in the interests of being different:

I love going down to see my horse on a crisp winters morning and feeling her hot breath on my cheek before I snuggle under her long thick mane and soak up the warmth of her neck. :)
Right, I too love the baby boy breath in the morning but if we're being different then...

I love having my hair done at the hairdressers when they do the massage bit with the conditioner, I'd pay double if they'd do that for 15 minutes. (only two weeks till next cut yummy)

Just realised, every time I have my hair cut I should be at least a stone lighter!!!! My teeny tiny hairdresser won't look so teeny tiny when she's standing behind me ha ha
When my little boy cuddles my leg and tells me " youre the bestest mummy in thwhole wide world"
lol have to keep the tears back..


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When my 2 DD's and I get the giggles and just can't stop! last week in Waitrose we started at the checkout and left the shop still crying with laughter!

Also lovely walks on perfect days; like yesterday, we went to Beachy Head and the sun was shining and everywhere you looked was a fabulous view and people smiling and chatting and looking happy.
I have to agree with you Barb - Beachy Head is beautiful on a sunny day. I love walking up there too.

However for my own "feel good" factor I'm going to choose my dog snuggling up on the sofa with me. He puts his head on my lap, snores loudly and all is well with his little world. He makes me feel safe and loved. (yep I know he's just a dog, but he's not, if you know what I mean :eek:)


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I know exactly what you mean! Whereabouts in Sussex, Sussex girl, who knows, we maybe neighbours!!!
I filled up last Saturday, sat with my DS in the theatre watching the opening scene of Lion King... I just kept watching his face and the marvel on it was beautiful - I had to wipe away tears quick.. It was the first proper West End show I'd taken him to and I now can't wait to take him to others - he absolutely loves London (he's his mother's son alright)..

I love doing things for the first time with him as he's pure excitement and enthusiasm rubs off on me and it's lovely to know you're providing him with such pleasure and enjoyment - and it really can be the simpliest things like taking him to the park to ride his bike for miles or feeding the ducks or taking him to the circus or ice skating or trick or treating or cutting out our first pumpkin.



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It makes me feel good when I have a client that has been struggling for a while....and is so determined not to give up, they come back with a brilliant weightloss. They are so happy makes all the phone calls and texts worthwhile. I love it.

Also, it makes me feel good when I look out my window and see the sunshine sparkling on the sea...and feeling so very lucky that I live here to see it.
We are just about to do one of my favourite things -Off for a walk around the pond with my husband and youngest daughter (eldest is at Brownie camp) and we're taking bread for the ducks and will have a lovely time kicking through the leaves

My mad passion is Manchester United so my ultimate pleasure is sitting in the terraces watching them, but I don't get to go very often, so watching them on TV is a great substitute.

Another thing is watching the little plays that my children make up and perform for me and my husband.Believe me, Kate Winslet has nothing to worry about, and its sooo hard to keep ourselves from screaming with laughter, but we enjoy them so much.
I feel good when my dog nuzzles up to me and puts her cheek against mine and just stays like it for ages - the side of her cheeks is so velvety. There is nothing like a dog's love to make you feel totally adored and cherished.

I also feel good every night lying in my hubby's arms.....or when it's cold and I put my freezing feet all over his lovely warm body.
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Walking to work on an autumn morning like today - beautiful sunshine but crisp fresh smelling air, almost like Christmas. I can't help but feel good.
And I agree about horses, when I used to have them, it always cheered me up so much to be able to give them a massive hug, and bury your face into the really soft bit under their neck, esp in winter when they are all fluffy. And dogs too, their love is so unconditional, you can;t help but be happy. I really miss my dogs -they live in teh country with my parents. Boo!


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Having my big strong muscle bound man wrap me up in cotton wool and tell me I'm his little princess and that he's the luckiest person alive and loving him back soooo much that I want to cry ....

..... bucket please!!! LOL!!!

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My Daughter's cuddles for one thing...

But I love it when Hubby holds my hand and squeezes it softly when we are out for a walk.
I love walking in the woods on a sunny spring/autumn day. The rustle of the leaves and the smell in autumn makes me smile. In spring I can stand and stare for ages at the beauty of mother nature.
I love paddling in the sea and pottering about in the rock pools, looking for crabs, fish, shrimps etc.
I adore my little man, he's soooooooooooooo funny when he's trying to be cross, I can't help but laugh which usually makes him laugh and hey presto the tantrum is over.
I love cosying up with little man and big fella on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon and watching a film especially if it's cold outside.
I love shiny new penny's and the smell of Christmas (cinnamon yum yum)

I could go on, but that's enough from me!!

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