What more motivation can a girl need!!


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As most of you know from my treads, yesterday was a horrible day and was really hard for me. My good old nan asked me to go shopping with her today to get me out the house and forget about food... and so we went.

We was walking around nosing in all the shops and we ended up in a Pandora shop that has just opened in the Metro Centre. We stood for about 20mins looking at all the different charms and picking out the gorgeous ones and how beautiful they all where, every design was different with lovely sparkling gem stones and pearls. My nan asked the woman over and asked her what size bracelet would fit me. The bracelets are £55 and thats just for the bracelet without the charms so when my nan said she was getting me a bracelet i told her ''NO WAY''!!

She told me SHE WAS getting me a bracelet to start me off :eek: and now that i am working i could get myself a charm everytime i lose 1 stone!! I cant believe it!! How lovely is my nanna.

Now i really cant wait to lose a stone so i can have a pandora charm on my pandora bracelet hehe! The more stones i lose the more charms i will have. Everytime i look at the charm bracelet i will see how well i have done and how far i have come.

I wont want to cheat on this diet as i will want to lose another stone for another charm haha! :p What more motivation can a girl want eh!! Andreas also said he can get me a few charms when he thinks i have done well on the diet hehe yay!!

Hope you all had a nice day <3 xxx
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oooo you lucky thing to have such a fab Nan!!!! I love the Pandora bracelets too, and its a great idea to buy a new charm for every goal.I have to make do with a looky likey from ebay, but I still love it though!!!!


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I had a lookly likey too!! I have put on a few charms from my lookly likey to my pandora bracelet so it is not just a bracelet around my wrist haha but i am hopefully going to get a lot of nice new pandora charms to take there place hehe! I defo have a fab nan :D xxx

miss jelly tot

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What a great idea. Bet you will have loads of charms in no time with your determination :D


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I have a normal charm bracelet that I'm adding a charm to for every half stone. I didn't want to invest in a Pandora until I know what size to get as my wrists will shrink.

You have a lovely Nan - wanna share her?


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Ahhh what a lovely idea from your nan, that's really good - be lovely when your bracelet is full of charms....... though here's the bit that I've got to admit that I've never seen a Pandora bracelet so I'm going to do a google later :)


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Lovely nan, lovely motivator! Hope that bracelet is soon adorned with pretty charms x


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Thanks everyone :D

Nelly i did think about that so i got 2 sizes smaller than i normally would haha. I can JUST about fit it around my wrist with a few charms on it haha.. it does not move tho like a normal charm bracelet should but when i lose them stones i will be able to fit more charms on hehe!! <3 xxx


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What a fantastic idea Tasha, not only does it motivate you to keep on earning the charms, but when you're at goal it's a reminder of how far you've come. You're so lucky to have such a clever and caring gran :D

Steve has said that he'll treat me to something for every stone I lose cos he knows how desperate I am to lose weight. I had thought of pamper treatments, but perhaps I get him to take me to Meadowhall and we look for a more lasting reminder.

How you feeling today hun? x



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I've just googled Pandora cos I'd never seen their jewellery... OMG they're gorgeous :D


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I know redhead its something i can keep forever :D Hehe! Maybe you should get your hubby to treat you to a pandora bracelet too :)

My Day has been ok on the diet. Not thought about food even tho i was walking past McD's, KFC and greggs all day lol didnt even want the food which i am proud of. :D I am about to have my last soup of the day hehe which i am now looking forward to. Today has defo been better than yesterday.

How has your day been hun? xxxx


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I've had a good day too thanks Tasha. I was a bit worried after the Chinese incident yesterday (all explained on my day 6 update post) that I wouldn't get back on track, but I've found it totally the opposite :D

There's a new Pandora shop at Meadowhall, so it would be an idea to detour Steve in there when he gets home wouldn't it lol? ;) It's soon Valentines Day isn't it, perhaps we can go get the bracelet then to start the collection. Hmmm, now you've got me thinking :D

Vicki xxx


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Just catching up on the threads haha

I think thats such a great idea of yur nan Tasha.. she sounds fab! And now this is even more an incentive to keep at it.. a charm a stone ^.^ nice hehehe xx


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Hi Tasha!!
Pandora is my motivation too!!
My OH said I can get a new charm for every stone, I know we will both soon have a very full bracelet!
Lou x


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Awww your Nan sounds like a right sweeite with a fantastic idea - what an incentive x