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WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? Share with me as I have shared mine!


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This was me around 10 years ago!! (predicted from the curtains! handmade by my mother!) THIS IS MY INSPIRATION! This is what keeps me going when i feel like things are getting hard! I dont think i appricated how slim i was then! i could of worn anything i wanted instead of the frumpy things i wear now to cover the rolls! but i remember i hated the dress! hated showing off my figure cause i thought i looked fat!!! oh how my opinions change!! haha !

So come on Slimming World! LETS DO THIS!

What about everyone else! what motivates you?
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bye bye baby tummy
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This is why I decided to loose weight... my wedding dressi bought when i was a size 10 i wore it at a size 16

I looked back at these photos and i wanted to cry i looked huge

We will be renewing our vows with me wearing the same wedding dress... this time it will be tied up properly (IT was loosely tied and had to have extra fabric to hide my underwear) and i will look amazing


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Not got a picture, but what motivates me is that me and oh want to start a family and can't with me being so overweight! Massive motivation!


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I think weddings (renewed vows) and babies is a good enough reason then any! I think these things are the key to keep pushing on!

Anytime I think I am slipping I remind myself why I do it! Eat my syn free foods to fill the gap! Wack on sex in the city (sad I know but the clothes, high heels and slimness motivates me! Haha) and the temptation goes away!

This site helps too!
So many things right now, I got a family wedding to go to this August which I want to wear a dress to.. I've always been so self concious of my body and I still am but losing just a bit of weigh before then will give me that boost I think..

I suffer in the summer terribly from the heat, as I said before I'm so self concious so I never go out without a hoody on or something to cover me up and everytime I do go out really hot I tell myself I need to do something about it.

I lost a few stone a few years back, I was down to 13st and I felt so much better in myself, my confidence was on the up, I had so much more energy and I just want to go beyond that now and I know I can do it with SW, I just need to stick with it this time. I'm so determind I don't want to be fat all my life.
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For me it's my children. My eldest starts school in September and I didn't want to be the biggest one in the playground. I want to be a mummy she can be proud to be seen with (well for a few years until she's too 'cool' for me!)


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I'm getting married in October 2012 and whilst I'm currently a size 24/26 there's no way in hell I'm going to a) try any dresses on, or b) be in any photos. So I have decided I want to be a size 16 by my wedding day as I remember looking quite good at that size being quite tall. Plus seeing as my fiancé has only ever known me this sort of size I want to see his face when I walk down the aisle.

Plus we want to have a baby after we get married and I'm terrified that at this size a) I won't be able to get pregnant, b) it will be dangerous and c) people won't be able to tell if I'm pregnant or just fat! Lol...
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Isadora Marie - by Maggie Sottero

Plus I have found the wedding dress of my dreams and I dont think it will look quite as amazing in a size 26! Lol!

Wow that dress is amazing, so beautiful.

I'm now at target & what motivates me is what made me lose the weight in the first place.

My mum was overweight & had quite a few illnesses some weight related some not. But I could see myself in her shoes when I'm her age, which is obviously not what I want to do. When I'm older I want to retire in the sunshine, do walking, reading, cycling generally be active, I don't want to be visiting the hospital every week.
I only rejoined SW a couple of weeks ago and have quite a bit of motivation but the main ones are that spring to mind are,

I am sick of sore, uncomfortable chaffing when my huge size 22 thighs slap together in the warm weather.

I hate feeling like cr*p from my high fat, cake diet.

My mom is very overweight , she has so many weight related problems and at just 20 years old than me (she is 58,) she comes over as being much older. I certainly don't want to be like that in years to come.

My dh is 40 next May and he is talking about a party or a family holiday. For either, I want to be much slimmer!!

I want to take my kids swimming without making up excuses because of my weight like I do now.

I am the fatest out of all of my friends.
Mine is quite shallow... I love going shopping with my sister and best friend (sizes 8 & 10, respectively) and last time we went I was picking things out for them and waiting in the changing rooms to see what they looked like. I would love to be able to join in one day. I would also like to be able to go on holiday with them eventually, and not be embarrassed to change/wear holiday clothes in front of them.
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This is my motivation, it was only last summer but ive put on about 8lb since that pic and (believe it or not) it shows, so I would love to lose that extra weight and get back to looking like that again!


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