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What % of your starting body weight have you lost?


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27% so far... Looking at that, that is just over a quarter isnt it? Quite chuffed with that!


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13% so far!!
Really pleased with that x


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I completely read that wrong. I thought you were aiming for 100%!!!

I think I've lost 31.5% but someone with better maths skills than me could probably tell me if I am right.

Most of that was from Slimming World. I've only been doing Cambridge for twelve days and I've lost 5lbs.


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Im not sure if i've worked it out right.

175/100 - ??????

x that by 20lbs = 11.5 odd.

Is that correct? Then thats what i've lost!


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almost 50% hee hee xx
21% :) my final will be 30% less than 17lbs to go


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33%so far


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15% on cd/w8 and 20% since last July