what on earth is going on?

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  1. cherylxx

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    omg, last week i stayed the same :mad:. the only reason i could think of was that i suddenly started doing 1 hour of cardio vascular exercise for 4 days last week after spending a longggg time with little/no exercise.
    cdc's only explanation was that the lack of weight loss could be the body adjusting to the new regime.
    so, begrudgingly i shrugged off last weeks weigh in as ' one of those things'.
    So this week i have still exercised but have slackened off slightly (now doing 40 minutes 3 times in week) and i decided this morning to hop on my scales ( i know, i know, bad idea but after last week it was driving me to despair) and according to my scales........... ive lost 1 bloody pound :cry:.
    what on earth? how? i dont understand.
    i am so gutted right now. wondering why im bothering at this precise moment.:banghead:
    im well into ketosis, am drinking around 5 litres water daily.
    when doing things so right how can it go so wrong? :needhug:
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  3. donnamarie

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    Hi cheryl..

    I dont know im sorry..

    But im starting the gym on monday and i was worried what effects it might have.. even more so now i've read your post!! :sigh:

    Hopefully someone will come along soon who knows more about it and can help both of us! :)
  4. cee-cee

    cee-cee Dizzy blonde

    Lipotrim, moved to CD
    Oh Cheryl I do feel for you. My weight loss has slowed right down too, it is so disheartening, I know. What are you doing? SS or SS+?
  5. Loopy_Lou

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    I know how frustrated you must feel, but is it worth considering that with the amount of training your doing, it could be that some of the weight is muscle? A friend of mine has been dieting and exercising, and she says she's not losing weight, but we can all definitely see it as she looks completely different, but her losses have slowed to a halt.

    Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so it could be that your CDC is right and your body is adjusting, plus it might be gaining weight in muscle.

    Are you measuring your losses? I'm sure you'll find that even without seeing a loss on the scales, you'll see a loss on your tape measure.

    Good luck, don't give up!!


    L xx
  6. discojen

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    Oh dear hun. I've heard this a few times from people who start exercise while on the diet. Don't worry, today's a new day, keep going.
    You've done so well so far
  7. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    ty for the support everyone.
    cee cee , im doing SS although i do have a small amount of skimmed milk in my tea (abour 70mls a day altogether) so i guess im doing SS(and a bit) lol
    Ive decided if i go for weigh in tomorrow and she confirms my 1lb loss:mad:, im gonna sit on my hiney all next week and do nothing at all. sounds silly but i want weight loss , not just inch loss.
    my own cdc noticed a big difference in my body shape last week (before i got on for my sts weigh in) so she was gobsmacked when the scales didnt budge. she is lucky to still have scales as i was so tempted to chuck them through her window . lol
    But, according to measurements, in the last 2 weeks ive lost 2 inches from bust, 1.5 inches from waist and 2 inches from hips so 5.5 inches gone there.... still would have preferred 5.5lbs though.:rolleyes:
  8. bluemoon

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    don't be too disheartened Cheryl, I know how important it is to see those scales going downwards but you have lost 5.5 inches in the last two weeks and that is amazing! Just focus on that fit buff body you'll have at the end of your journey!!! xxx
  9. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Full Member

    As the others have said, you WILL be losing fat, but gaining muscle which weighs more.

    But remember no-one but you and your CDC see the number on the scales, but everyone else sees the size you are.

    Weight IS just a number, and although we all set ourselves a target weight, sometimes it's better to think about a target size to aim for.

    Finally don't give up the exercise - a fit body with muscle burns off more calories while resting than an unfit one, plus being toned means that you will look better when you do reach your size/weight goal.

    So don't be despondant if you don't have a large loss, you are doind a good thing for your well being and just because the scales don't register it, it doesn't mean it isn't happenning
  10. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    Dont let it get to you, this always happens with me. The first 3 weeks of doing intensive training I gain weight!!!! But after that it comes of with great speed. I would say keep doing what you're doing and in a few weeks time you will see a loss on the scales as well!!!

    Best of luck

    Penny xoxo

    TIFFERS Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Maybe your scales are different to you CDC?
  12. jenny_wren44

    jenny_wren44 Member

    Exante Diet
    I had the same problem when I started exercising. I started 4 aerobics classes a week while I was on the slimming world diet and ended up putting on half a stone. Although I was a lot fitter and more toned I ended up at a plateau with my weight which was one of the reasons I started CD. I have carried on with the classes while on CD and definitely think it has helped with my weight loss. While you are in ketosis the more calories you are burning the more fat you will lose.

    I would definitely recommend sticking with your exercise as its just not possible to put on weight in fat just because you have added exercise. It is almost definitely a gain in muscle weight and this will stop as soon as your body is used to the exercise you are doing.

    As Dinosaur mentioned a fit body with muscles burns fat faster than an unfit one and you will look much better for it after you have lost the weight!

    Good luck with whatever you decide! xxxx
  13. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    thank you so much everyone.
    i had a right old grump on me this morning but as the day has gone by ive dealt with it.
    yes tiffers, the cdc's scales and mine are almost identical (maybe mine are broke.... hope so, even if they cost me £40. lol)
    i will continue with the exercise at the lower rate but havent done any today ( a little worried it would mean i put on the 1lb ive lost:sigh:)
    will post my weigh in tomorrow since ive been attention seeking today:p, who knows, maybe i could have lost an extra half a pound by the tomorrow.
    again, ty everyone :)
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