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What should I do now?


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I need your advice please, my story is long so I will try to make it as brief as I can:

Basically last January I started a period which did not stop (never happened before), I went to the doctors and she sent me for some blood tests, they all came back ok and then the period just stopped (19 days it lasted), all was ok for a couple of months but then it happened again and basically for the last 12 months it has got worse & worse, I have been back & forth to the doctors who have sent me for loads of tests, they finally agreed in December though to send me for an ultrasound (both internal & external) the ultrasound results also came back as clear and they have said that this is basically now all down to my hormones. They advised me to have the implant fitted last October as I have had this before (after I had come off the Depo injection) and when I had it before I had no periods at all, it hasn't happened this time so now they have said that as all the results are normal I need to monitor everything for the next three months and see what happens, I agreed to that yesterday but then this morning I have just read the an article in the Daily Mail about someone who was having similar issues - my question is though - what should I do now? Do I print the article, go back to the doctors & demand I see a specialist or wait & see? Sorry to go on but the link is below.

'I didn't want to bother my GP about my periods - it was a terrible mistake': Sky Sports presenter's battle with polyps | Mail Online
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sorry you are having a tough time, go back to your docs, or ask to be referred to a specialist.

hopefully its just your hormones, but at least you can have the reassurance xxx


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Have they done blood tests to look at your hormone levels? I think I'd go back and ask for a consultant opinion. And stick to your guns. If you have a nice female GP then go to her. They are usually more clued up than the men.


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Go back to your GP with a copy of the article and stick to your guns, and get an appt with a Consultant Gynacologist, good luck with it.


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Have they done blood tests to look at your hormone levels? I think I'd go back and ask for a consultant opinion. And stick to your guns. If you have a nice female GP then go to her. They are usually more clued up than the men.
Judi - It has been a female doctor all the way through and the last time I saw here I literally had to fight to get the ultrsound appointment so I am not looking forward to her reaction to me going in with a newspaper article....I am hoping the OH can get out of work tomorrow and come with me for back up


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I think you should go to a different GP in the practice, if possible, Julie as you should not have to feel that you are "fighting" for an onward referral as GP's are not specialists they are generalists!

Everyone is entitled to a second (or third) opinion.

You need to be confident in your GP and it does not sound like you are really confident in her decisions at the moment.

In my experience, male GP's can often be more sympathetic and undertanding than females GP's in many situations. I would not hesitate seeing a different GP and requesting a referal on to a consultant.

Its your body and your health.
Good Luck. x


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well I have an appointment with the female GP I have been seeing tomorrow morning at 9.10am, OH is coming with me for back up so we shall see what happens....I may be struck off for pestering the doctor!! Lol
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See how it goes with her, but you need some answers and you shouldn't be having to fight for those answers! I agree that perhaps you should see a different doctor, or perhaps even consider changing practice.

It sounds nasty, I hope something can be done for you.


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So me & the OH went to the doctors this morning and I now have an appointment with a consultant for the 10 Feb....amazing what happens when you take back up with you!


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You might also ask them to check your thyroid - i had a similar experience with horrendous periods and I was seriously underactive.
Thyroid replacement and no more bad periods - worth checking it affects more than 50% of women in their lifetime.

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