What should I do???

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been looking in and seeing how everyone is doing. Which is great. Well done!!!!

I am stuck in limbo at the moment. I tried CD for a week and put on weight!!! I came off and tried WW and lost a bit of weight. But over the last 2 wks I cannot stop eating. I am not hungry, but I just cannot stop putting food in my mouth. It's boredom, I know. I mind kids, so I am at home everyday. They get collected at 6.30pm, then I get my daughter ready for bed, she is asleep by 7.30 and that's me for the evening, sitting in front of the telly.

I am so uncomfortable in my own skin at the moment. I am 13st 10lbs this morning. My heaviest was 15st 7lbs after my daughter was born. I cried when I saw that number on the scale as 15st 7 is getting close again. Christmas last year I was 10st 13lbs. So putting on 3 stone in under a year is disgraceful not to mention extremely unhealthy. I am not going to make excuses, I have no one to blame but myself. I put the food in my mouth, I made the decision to eat.

I used to love walking and the weather here is fantastic at the moment. I am still wearing a t-shirt, throwing on a light jacket every now & then. People think I am mad, but I know it's the extra weight that's making me feel warmer than usual. When I was lighter I was cold all the time. Anyway, I just can't bring myself to walk. I just want to curl up in bed after dropping my daughter off to school and hide myself from the world.

I would love to lose a nice chunk of weight before Christmas, but that is less than SIX weeks away and as good as weight watchers, etc. are, I wouldn't lose much. CD gives all of YOU such fantastic results and I love reading your posts. I wish it could do the same for me. But after such a disastrous run with CD the last time (putting on weight), I don't know if it is worth my while.

I saw a shooting star this evening, for the first time in years, and I made a wish...to help me stop eating so much and lose weight. As much as I want to lose the weight I am struggling with it. I can't stop eating, but I am not sure if cutting out food altogether is the answer.

I am an emotional eater which is even worse. I have a few sachets left over from the last try on CD and am tempted to try them but not sure if I can stick it out.

What should I do??

Sorry for such a long thread. I hope none of you fell asleep while reading it.
Hello :)

You sound like me a few months ago before i went on the Cambridge diet. I put on lots of weight and thought it was the end of the world, for me anyway. I was depressed and needed to do something quickly :confused:. So i went on the sole source program which was hard at the beginning but when the weight dropped off i got so motivated i wanted to do it even more. You should have lost weight on the diet and if you never you would have done the following week. I love this diet and it can help you if you stick with it and give it ago again.
You love your food and so do we as we are on this forum in the first place for that reason. If you are going to find the sole source hard work then maybe go onto one of the other programs with food. Push yourself to go for that walk as it really does speed up the weight loss and gets you doing things rather then thinking about food.
We are with you on this and we want you to suceed so go back on the diet, trust me it does work and i would never go back to what i was feeling when i was FAT.

Keep us informed of your progress.

Nick :)
Hi, I think if you gave Cambridge another go you would find that it really does work. The calorie intake is so low that you cannot help but lose weight. The first few weeks seem to fluctuate a lot, many people have huge losses in week 1, I didn't, my losses have been slower then suddenly this week (5) I have gone down by 5 lbs. Water retention can cause the scales to halt a while, but it will pass. For me the really great thing with SS is it is so easy. You don't have to make meals for others then turn round and start weighing out and cooking for yourself.
Evenings are a big problem, especially when you're stuck in the house. Willpower seems to fade when we relax so it's a vulnerable time. Do you have any hobbies which could keep your hands and mind occupied, or things you fancy trying your hand at? Take a look on the net, there's going to be others out there with similar interests and forums to chat on.
The sections in this forum on the psychology of dieting and Paul McKenna's programme are well worth a read and a lot of members discuss the sort of bad realtionship with food that you are experiencing.
Whatever route you choose I wish you every success, determination is all you need and the rest will follow. And once you have taken control in this area of your life it will give you the confidence to deal with other aspects too.
I can sympathise with how you're feeling - are there other aspects of your life you're just not happy with as well as your weight.

I suffered from stress and depression this time last year because of incidents at work (I was being bullied by my new boss). I was off work for 6 months and during that time I used to get up, take my son to nursery, come home and sit, watch tv, sleep, sleep and sleep and some days eat (anything I fancied) and some days not eat...

I watched the 4 stone I'd lost on LL creep back on but my body just wanted comfort and I got that through food and anti-depressants. My councillor told me to listen to my body and if it wanted to sleep let it and if it wanted beans on toast let it.. mentally I was coping with much much more and it felt like the only time I wasn't thinking of work and the issues there was when I was asleep.

I think CD deserves another chance, I'm only a few pounds away from what I'd lost on LL.

But from my experience, you need to be in the right place mentally though because it's not an easy diet and if you're not in the right place believe me you'll make "excuse" after "excuse" why you can't do it and you'll give yourself a hard time over it which is the last thing you need if you're trying to cope with others things. Most people at times comfort eat and if you "need" that comfort at the moment for whatever reason then you won't be focused.

If your focused on losing the weight then CD is the best tool to help you do it.

You can lose a chunk of weight before Xmas if you use the right tool but you have to be in the right frame of mind before you even tackle the job....

I wish you so much luck and remember you are worth the effort.