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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by nellycreamslice, 12 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. nellycreamslice

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    Hi peeps I’m after some advice. On Saturday I am graduating at the cathedral in Bristol and then we go back to the college for a reception. I have also learnt that I have been awarded the Student of the year too. I work so hard for 2 years and feel that I want to celebrate my achievements. How can I do that when I am SS. Do you think it would be ok to come off just for the day?

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  3. Chunka_Malunka

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    sweetheart - the temptation is just too much isnt it and so worthy.
    Personally I would have a hsake in the morning, have lean meat and veg (no carbs - have a bar for a pud and then a shake at night. thats based on the SS+ principle....honest, try no carbs and get through as best you can xx

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