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What should I do?

Ok so next Friday I have a party to go to. Its a bus party which consists of dressing up in fancy dress and going to all the pubs on the island.....by bus. The whole thing lasts 3 hours and then we get dropped off in town to carry on drinking! I really have looked forward to this night for months and have my fancy dress all sorted - can I possibly have a good time and only drink water? :sigh:
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Personally i dont think so no, its not the lack of alcohol, its watchin everyone else around you get smashed, and its just not fun...

other people disagree but i couldnt do it to b honest...

i would either giv it a miss as there will always be another time. or refeed for the week, and stick to vodka an yakky tonic, and as low cal as poss xxx

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yes you can, it does seem a bit odd but it is ok, when i 1st started LT we had a big party for my husbands birthday all our family came, some of which we had not seen for years, i drank water and was fine doing so! Good luck x
Problem is if I drink water I know everone will be thinking I'm preggers!


My husband = My hero
Sounds like fun though eh! They will all asume I'm preggers as last time I was preggers I was on the water - but I kept telling them I was on antibiotics - you can only use that excuse for a limited time though eh! My very close friends know I'm on LT so they would know why I would be drinking water but the people I'm out with next Friday are not close friends, ahhhh what the hell. I'm addicted to water at the minute anyway - I'll let them gossip :) LOL
personally id give it a miss but i dont like things like that anyway lol
Ohhhhh I love dressing up. Not really that bothered about the drinking. I really enjoy the getting ready part and doing the makeup etc, so gonna do that and drink water and pee all night long :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Its sounds like sooo much fun!

But I dont think I could do it
Yeah! go for it. I've had a blast just drinking water (could hardly believe it myself!)
You'll have loads of fun with the dressing up etc.
Hope you have a great time. xxxx

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i went to a party my third wk on LT and i was dreading it, but i had a really good time it was quite amusing really watching everyone making a show of themselves!! people think they are sooo funny when there drunk!! and it felt great when i got home knowing i had actually done it and enjoyed myself... so have fun hun u go for it im sure u will be pleasantly surprised x
i went to pizza express and watched everyone gorge on pizzas and i survived...not the same but i don't drink so thats the closest to your experience as i can go! LOL
Much as we all want to lose weight on lipotrim, I think sometimes we need to take stock and not put our whole lifes on hold to lose our weight. Its entirely up to you, if you think you can handle seeing all your chums get smashed while you drink water, go for it and I admire anyone who can do it, but me personally, I would re-feed for a couple of days prior, I would just have chicken and veg for 2 nights, then have a nice lunch on the day of the fancy dress thingy and go out and have a great time.
I would go back to full time lipotrim the next day.
Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great time.
Cheers guys, I am taking it all onboard!
oh im going on one of those bus parties too next friday, how strange!! I have decided not to drink even though its my hen night but I will have fun watching the others being loaded and of course ollie is going to be my stripper and I want to be sober seeing that...lmao

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