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Hopefully the same!!! I dreaded day 3 as id read loads of storys of terrible headaches and hunger and feeling crappy, but sailed through it so keep your fingers crossed and good luck!! Sarahxx.


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drinks plenty water and you'd be ok

Im still not happy about the idea you doing SS without seeing a CDC...but, ur choice

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I was one of the lucky ones, when i first began i was on LL i didn't get any side effects at all & never felt hungry. Everyone is different so hopefully tomorrow will be plain sailing again....Good luck hun...xxx


Hi All

I Have Nearly Completed Day 1 And Surprisingly I Feel Good And Not At All Hungry.
What Can I Expect From Day 2?:)
any thing from more of the same to feeling tired, hungry, miserable,headachey,weak,cold,irritable (you can add a few more if you want) or any combination of the above.

The important thing is to keep up the water,keep away from the fridge,find things to distract you if the picking urges begin.Have a nice thick jumper close at hand & be prepared to take an early night if you feel you need it.

apart from that it's the best diet in the world.
Azar said you haven't got a CDC. Mini's is wonderful,but I wouldn't like to have done this with out a CDC.
The first few weeks were when I needed her most.
then when iget togoal & begin working up the stages I'll be camped out on her doorstep with questions,niggles etc.

I've warned her about this,saying that I'm trying to save up some time credits by being as undemanding as possible during this middle phase.(Just pop over,say hello,get weighed,have a giggle write out a cheque & go)

She said tough...she's emigrating as soon as my BMI approaches 25!!!!(I don't think she really means it...does she????

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